'Roblox' Is More Kid-Friendly Than Ever Thanks to a Few Key Safeguards

Some newer users on 'Roblox' or those who have never used the chat feature are wondering what "tags" means when someone types it in.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 29 2021, Updated 10:14 a.m. ET

Source: Roblox

If you are one of the millions of Roblox users but have still never really engaged in the chat box feature, you might find yourself wondering what the heck "tags" mean the first time you see it. As a whole, the chat box in any given game is often full of nonsense from players of all ages and is sometimes unnecessary unless you're using it for the purpose of working together for a common goal within the game.

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Otherwise, it can get congested with a ton of nonsense and use of the word "tags" over and over. It all has to do with censoring the words of some users, but it can sometimes be such a nuisance that seeing the word "tags" repeatedly from different players might turn you off from chatting all together. And, honestly, you probably wouldn't be alone in that frame of thinking.

Source: Roblox
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What does "tags" mean on 'Roblox'?

Often when someone types in swear words, identifying information, or even sometimes things that don't seem like they should be censored at all on Roblox, the game will automatically turn the word into a series of pound signs. It's all in an attempt to protect the younger users from reading or typing in harmful words or information.

And when you see the word "tags" written in a chat box on Roblox in response to this, it means someone is asking if another user's sentence was censored and to please relay the information in a different way. This isn't recommended if a kid types something that should be covered in pound signs, but players have complained a ton about the game inadvertently censoring things that don't even need to be filtered out, like the word "mama" or numbers, according to some gamers.

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You can turn off the safe chat feature on 'Roblox.'

Luckily, for older players or those who just want to be able to type in what they are trying to say without being censored by an algorithm that needs some serious fixing, you can turn off the safe chat feature. To do this, go to the 'settings' wheel on your Roblox account. But instead of clicking on 'settings,' click on the 'help' option.

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From there, click on the 'contact' button and then fill out the support form. From the drop-down menus to input your problem, you should choose 'chat and age settings' and then 'child age.' After that, you write in your exact issue, which shouldn’t be a problem from Roblox if you are old enough to access the chat boxes without being restricted. Once you receive an email response, you should be made aware of the necessary changes made to your account.

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Is 'Roblox' safe for kids of all ages to use?

While kids of most school ages can play and navigate Roblox with almost no problem, they will need to be monitored. And, if your kid is younger than you deem appropriate to read possible swear words in the chat feature, then you'll want to make sure their safe chat is enabled. Otherwise, the games within Roblox are mostly kid-friendly and designed to be played by kids of almost all ages, as well as adults.

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