Is Acid Princess Racist? The TikTok Star Is in Hot Water After Making an Offensive Video

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Apr. 27 2020, Updated 2:59 p.m. ET

Former TikTok star Acidprincessx3 (real name: Kayla Strong) was among some of the most popular stars on the short-form video platform as of 2019, after gaining fame for her lip-synching videos. However, it seems as though the high school internet personality has dropped off the face of the planet. Fans and avid TikTok users alike have wondered what happened to her and her account, but after accusations of racism began circulating, Acid Princess essentially disappeared. 

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This leaves us wondering what actually happened to Acid Princess, and is the 16-year-old content creator actually racist? Stay tuned for everything we know regarding the formerly popular TikTok queen.

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Acid Princess rose to fame after allegedly taking LSD in a TikTok video.

Acid Princess apparently got her name from a video she recorded early on in her 15 minutes of fame. In the video, the high school student allegedly drops a tab of acid (also known as LSD). According to YouTube gossip channel, Tee Tea, the video featured Acid Princess with a white tab in her mouth, which is presumably acid, while she goofs around while music plays in the background.

We aren't entirely sure how a teenager became famous after simply doing hallucinogenic drugs in front of a camera, but it seems as though that video in particular can largely be attributed to her quick rise to fame. Before Acid Princess deleted her TikTok account, she had approximately 60,000 followers.

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Acid Princess faced controversy after saying the N-word in a video.

After spending a few glorious months in the spotlight, Acid Princess' career went downhill when videos of her saying the N-word were leaked. On a few separate occasions, the internet famous teen was caught singing songs that used the N-word, and instead of not saying anything, she mouthed the words. 

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Check out the video below which features a few different recordings of Acid Princess using the racist and highly offensive slur. 

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Instead of apologizing, Acid Princess accepted she was canceled and basically left the app.

When TikTok stars like Emmahlu have faced similar controversies, they've taken to Instagram and TikTok with long, heartfelt apologies. And while the apologies aren't always accepted, it at least shows the offender taking accountability for their actions. Acid Princess, however, took an entirely different approach to the situation. 

Shortly after angry comments began flooding in, per Tee Tea, Acid Princess took to TikTok to address the situation... sort of.

"I am sorry. I agree with you all and I should be cancelled," she said. She then said she planned on making a video soon, but her phone had no mic. It's unclear if she ever made another video, however, because she ended up deleting her entire TikTok account. That's right — she packed up, and bid her 60,000 a quick goodbye. Weird.

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The girl behind Acid Princess still uses Instagram.

The former TikTok star still occasionally posts to Instagram, @kaylastrong_, where she has 60,100 followers. After the controversy regarding her racy videos erupted, she took a hiatus from posting to the platform, but it seems like she's back, with a recent post from April 2020.

She hasn't admitted her wrongdoings, but recently, Instagram user @nayshkamariel commented, "WHAT THE F--K HAPPENED TO UR TIKTOK ACC" on one of her photos, and she replied "@nayshkamariel look up sobrietyrocks." We haven't deciphered what this means, but it may be an answer to what she's been up to lately.

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Many will miss Acid Princess' videos, but ultimately, it may have been best that she stepped down from the app. 

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