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Monica Dutton Shuts Down Sexist Comments on ‘Yellowstone,’ and Fans Are Loving It!



Last year, fans fell in love with the Dutton family on the Paramount Network series Yellowstone. The show follows patriarch John Dutton and his family, as they fight to save their Montana ranch. With growing conflict from the Native American community and the complex relationships between the characters, it’s not surprising that Yellowstone has become one of the most-viewed TV series.  

One character that fans have really grown attached to is Monica Dutton, played by Kelsey Asbille. Last season, audiences watched as tension grew between the raven-haired beauty and her estranged husband Kayce Dutton. Ahead of Season 2, Kelsey talked about her character’s growth.

She revealed to Good Housekeeping: “[Monica is] really finding her independence and what it looks like to be a single mom and carve out her own life away from the Dutton influence.” The mother of one is not afraid to stand up for what she believes and in the episode titled "New Beginnings," fans praised the character for shutting down sexist and racist comments in the best possible way. 

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So, here is what happened to Monica Dutton in Season 2 of Yellowstone.

Sadly, Monica and Kayce's relationships remains fractured. Ahead of Season 2, Kelsey told ScreenRant that audiences will get to see how Monica navigates life without the Dutton family and raising a child as a single mom. Moving forward with her life, she gets a job teaching American History at the local university. 

Moving forward with her life, she gets a job teaching American History at the local university. However, her first day becomes problematic when a female student suggests she is the teacher’s aid. Then, things take a turn for the worst when a male student compares her to a porn star.

"Misogyny, how refreshing. If you can fit in a Pocahontas joke you'll hit the trifecta," she responded.  Adding, “Can you tell me the definition of power, Trent? Hmm? It's the ability to direct or influence another's behavior or course of events."   

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But Monica did not stop there. She continued, "That's what I have. I can remove you from this class and fail you or I can send you before the Dean for violating the student code of conduct. These are all things that can alter the course of your life. That's power. And you don't have any.” Yes, girl! 

Fans applauded the teacher’s bold speech during the beginning of the episode. “Catching up on S2 of #Yellowstone. Watching Episode 2 and I am LOVING Monica in her classroom at the university. An excellent scene starting off with the definition of power: who has it and who doesn’t,” tweeted one fan. 

Another added: “Monica's reading of Christopher Columbus's diary and her mini speech to her new class about power was excellent writing and TRUTH this country needs to finally realize if we're ever going to go forward. Thank you!”

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Following the lecture, the student apologized to Monica for his crude behavior. Well, we certainly hope there will be more lessons given by the professor this season. 

Watch an all-new episode of Yellowstone July 10 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. 

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