Alissa Violet Is Back — And She's Made Some Big LIfe Changes

"Instead of living my life I was showing how 'cool' my life was on all of these apps instead of actually living my life for me."

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 6 2024, Published 3:17 p.m. ET

It feels like not that long ago Alissa Violet was a hot topic in the realm of influencers. She was a steady tie tethering the internet feud between Jake Paul and FaZe Banks, as Alissa left the former and started dating the latter. Though this was initially thought to be a stunt in a chaotic clout squabble, Banks and Alissa dated steadily for two years.

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But despite their relationship chugging along for those many months, they were frequently plagued by drama. Allegations arose that Banks was violent, breaking her things during fights, though Alissa never claimed he hit her. There were also various claims of cheating between the parties before they officially called it off in 2019.

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As the buzz about their relationship died down, Alissa continued posting — but in 2023, she stopped uploading videos to her YouTube channel. Though she was active on other platforms, like Instagram, it was clear her focus was no longer interacting with her following and maintaining her following. So what happened to her to make her step back? According her new video, she has no regrets about her break — and she's back with more content.

Where is Alissa Violet now?

After taking some time away from her platform, Alissa posted her first YouTube video in more than a year in May 2024. In the video, titled "i'm back/ life update," she gives her followers the low-down on everything she's been up, spilling some of the details she wasn't sharing while she was still making content.

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She details why she decided to stop partying following some diagnoses and a couple of broken bones, and boasted how she quit vaping and smoking. After dealing with a lot of personal things offline, Alissa decided it was time for a change.

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"My anxiety got so bad... I took some time off because it just didn't feel authentic to me," she said, addressing her year-long hiatus. "I felt like I was a slave every day to all these apps... every single thing I felt like I had to distribute different forms of content every day, and instead of living my life I was showing how 'cool' my life was on all of these apps instead of actually living my life for me."

During her time away from the internet, Alissa shared that she took inventory of the people in her life and the direction she was headed, and did some pruning to her social circle — so if you notice some former regulars absent from her feed, that's why.

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"I realized there were some toxic people in my life and I had to cut some of them out. I realize that they weren't really aligned with my moral compass and my ethical code," Alissa said. "I've been growing and learning a lot the last couple years and I'm not the same person that I was a couple of years ago and I think that's OK. I think everyone is growing and learning constantly. I was a little toxic back then, I'm not gonna lie. I'm not perfect. And I think some people just weren't supposed to be on the path that I'm on right now."

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Alissa Violet is now dating famous DJ Marshmello

In her update video, Alissa shared how she struggled with serial monogamy, often drifting from relationship to relationship. She said she dated someone 10 years older than her for about a year, and after they split (on good terms), she decided to spend a year single. Though she didn't share the name of her new partner, she's reportedly dating the well-known DJ Marshmello.

Alissa said they crossed paths at the end of her year being intentionally single, and though she wasn't looking for a relationship, they were in similar places in their lives and ultimately ended up dating.

"It's like the healthiest relationship I've been in," she confessed, remaining coy about his name. "He's my best friend. Can't imagine my life without him."

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