The Season 3 Finale of 'The Boys' Featured a Few Plot Twists — What Happened to Black Noir?

What happened to Black Noir? Black Noir came face-to-face with an angry Homelander in the Season 3 finale of 'The Boys.' What's next?

Leila Kozma - Author

Jul. 13 2022, Published 9:46 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of The Boys.

With its eight hour-long episodes, Season 3 of The Boys promises unparalleled entertainment for viewers ready to witness what comes of the animosity between the Seven and the Boys. Season 3 costs the lives of several characters. Is Black Noir still alive? What happens to him in the Season 3 finale of The Boys?

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What happened to Black Noir in 'The Boys'? Did he die?

The Season 3 finale of The Boys packs quite the punch, capturing what the future holds for several main characters. Queen Maeve seemingly dies a grisly death, unsuccessfully fighting the Homelander and jumping out of a window with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) in her arms. However, at the end of the episode, we see that she actually survives the explosion and the fall, losing her powers along the way.

As for Soldier Boy, he is ultimately subdued, but definitely not dead; he may even make an appearance in Season 4.

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Black Noir was the character to suffer the worst fate. He died after Homelander decided to rip out his intestines in a bid to take revenge on Black Noir for his failure to disclose a not-so-minor piece of information — he knew that Soldier Boy was Homelander's father all along.

Homelander turns out to be one of the last people to make this ground-breaking discovery in the Season 3 finale of The Boys. As a result, all hell breaks loose. Black Noir seemingly bleeds to death, Soldier Boy's resolve to kill Homelander wavers, and Homelander copes with the looming identity crisis by committing various acts of violence.

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Queen Maeve and Soldier Boy could return in the future. What about Black Noir? Did he die?

As Eric Kripke, the creator and executive producer of The Boys, told Deadline, Queen Maeve and Soldier Boy could be easily take part in Season 4 of the show. What about Black Noir? Could there be a third resurrection scene in the pipeline?

"We definitely won't reach the end of the series without seeing Maeve again. I'm hoping we see Soldier Boy again," Eric said. "You know, for instance, for Maeve, we really felt like for Annie/Starlight to truly grow, we needed to take away her protector."

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"Here's what I'll say without spoiling anything ... Black Noir is dead," he added. "His organs are out all over the place, but when you have a completely silent, completely masked-clad hero, they're reasonably easy to recast."

As Eric said, Black Noir as we know him is dead. But will he come back? There's a chance.

Season 3 of The Boys is available on Prime Video now. The release date of Season 4 has yet to be announced.

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