Fans Want to Know Why Bobby Left Team Edge as the YouTube Channel Ends

Team Edge recently announced that they were ending their YouTube channel, leaving some to wonder what happened to Bobby, a former team member.


Oct. 6 2023, Published 11:07 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • In an October 2023 video, Bryan and J-Fred from Team Edge announced the channel's end.
  • They addressed Bobby Fredrick, who was with the channel for six years and went on to start training to becoming a police officer.
  • Bryan and J-Fred expressed their gratitude to Bobby for all the time he spent as part of the channel.
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In an October 2023 video, Joseph Fredrick (J-Fred) and Bryan Valle, two of the core members of Team Edge, announced that the YouTube channel would be coming to an end after eight years. For most of that time, Team Edge was dedicated creating challenge videos that gained a fairly substantial following across the platform.

They explained that they had decided to end the channel in part because views on videos had been declining for some time, and they felt like it was time. In their final video, though, Team Edge offered a lengthy list of thank-yous, including some for former members of the team. One member, in particular, garnered a lot of interest from longtime fans of the channel.

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What happened to Bobby from Team Edge?

Bobby Fredrick worked as Team Edge's manager and director for roughly six years before leaving the team in April of 2023. After leaving, Bobby apparently went on to begin training to become a police officer, and J-Fred and Bryan said in the video that he'd also recently bought a house.

"Bobby was such a good friend to us, and we missed him a lot recently," J-Fred said during the video as he started to get a little bit misty. "I did not think I was going to be tearing up in this video," he continued.

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"We're super excited for him, and so thankful that he decided to spend six years here," J-Fred continued. "Bobby, we love you, thank you."

The good news, then, is that Bobby seems to be living a good life since leaving Team Edge earlier this year. He didn't split with his collaborators on bad terms, and it seems like they are still in touch with one another regularly.

Team Edge will be missed by its loyal fans.

In the comments under the video, fans of Team Edge expressed their support for J-Fred and Bryan, and said that they had loved watching their content over the past few years.

"Wow. I’ve been watching you guys since I was 9 and now I’m 17. I genuinely never expected this day to come at all. You have been such an amazing part of my childhood. Thank you guys for all the comfort you have given me over the past eight years!!" one person wrote in the comments.

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Source: YouTube

"This hits hard. Just shows how old I’m getting, but I got to grow up with you Team Edge. All the best luck in the future! Gonna miss you guys immensely! Thank you for taking care of me during my childhood!" another person added.

Team Edge may be leaving, but it's clear that their entire team will be missed by their loyal subscribers.

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