Jerry Trainor and Miranda Cosgrove
Source: Nickelodeon

We Know About Their Dad, but Where's Carly and Spencer's Mom on 'iCarly'?

Kori Williams - Author

Jun. 18 2021, Published 5:07 p.m. ET

Now that iCarly is back thanks to the reboot on Paramount Plus, we're full of nostalgia while loving and missing some of our favorite characters. We know that not everyone who was in the original cast is back for this one, but some characters people might expect were never on the show at all.

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We know that the title character Carly Shay lives with her brother Spencer. There was even an episode of the original show that featured their grandparents. But where is Carly's mom? Is her dad somewhere in the picture? Here's what happened and why you don't see their parents on iCarly.

What happened to Carly's mom?

Unfortunately, there's barely any information about where Carly's mom is. She's almost never mentioned on the show, and there's never an explanation about what happened to her. Because of this, many fans believe she's dead.

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Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, and Miranda Cosgrove
Source: Paramount Plus

At least with her dad, there's a reason we're given as to why he's not around, and we know where he is. Some fans believe that maybe the kids have negative feelings toward their mom. Maybe she abandoned the family and that's why she's never talked about. In one episode, it's confirmed that if Carly couldn't live with Spencer, she'd have to live with some other relative.

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According to the iCarly Fandom, there's a YouTube video where Jerry Trainor, who plays Spencer, is asked about his character's mom. He says, "I don't know, shopping, I guess."

In the 2021 reboot, there is an episode where Carly is asked what her parents do for a living. She answers about her dad, but when it comes to finding out about her mom, she just changes the subject.

Because we don't know much of anything about Carly and Spencer's mom, a lot of people don't even think that they have the same mother. For all we know, they could each have different moms and are only connected by blood via their father's side.

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Where is Carly's dad?

You don't really see Carly and Spencer's dad on iCarly either, but that's for good reason. It turns out that he moves around a lot because he's constantly on the go as a member of the military. Colonel Steven Shay is in the U.S. Air Force, and during the original show, he was on a tour of duty in a submarine in Anchorage, Alaska.

Colonel Steven Shay
Source: Nickelodeon
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Colonel Shay is almost never seen on the original iCarly, but he does appear in the very last episode when he shows up to take Carly to a father-daughter dance. Otherwise, he's seen talking to his kids on the phone, telling them that he hopes to see them soon.

There are a bunch of other family members we do get to see on the show though. Grandparents, aunts, and more are all featured on the original series. There was an episode where their grandfather thought that Carly living with Spencer was a bad idea. He wanted Carly to move and live with him in Yakima, Wash., so that he could provide her with the upbringing he felt she needs.

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