Influencer CelinaSpookyBoo's "Spirits" Are Down Amid Dog's Cancer Diagnosis

"Here is the thing about Molly, she is my soul dog. The biggest love of my life, and everyone knows that. Some think it’s unhealthy, but it’s how it is."

Jamie Lerner - Author

Feb. 15 2024, Published 11:00 a.m. ET

CelinaSpookyBoo at Streamy Awards
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We all fell in love with influencer CelinaSpookyBoo, whose real name is Celina Myers, because of her hilarious sleepwalking videos. Celina started sharing video evidence of her sleepwalking habit and has turned them into somewhat of a character, making light of her sometimes scary nighttime activities.

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But something has happened to Celina that has changed her good-natured energy and consistent videos. In recent weeks, Celina made a sad announcement about her dog, Molly, and how that’s affected her work as an influencer. So what exactly happened to CelinaSpookyBoo and her dog Molly?

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What happened to CelinaSpookyBoo? Her dog, Molly, has been diagnosed with cancer.

CelinaSpookyBoo is usually in good spirits (pun intended), but after some recent sad news befell her, things have changed. However, she remains optimistic after the news that her fur baby, Molly, has been diagnosed with Stage 5b lymphoma. “Stage 5b lymphoma, how do you ever accept that?” Celina wrote in an Instagram post sharing the news.

“On Thursday Molly threw up a few times,” she continued. “Friday her nose was running. Saturday she woke and didn’t want to eat, so off to the emergency vet we went. During the examination, the vet had said her lymphs felt swollen. Her x-ray showed a large liver. How? We were here for the kind of problem she had as a young pup. How in two days did everything go wrong? The diarrhea started, the runny nose…. The guess was pneumonia?”

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Celina gives us the play-by-play of what happened so that perhaps we can see the signs ourselves. "Sunday morning she wasn’t herself, so we flew back to the emergency vet, Molly spent the night on IV antibiotics,” she said. “The next morning they discharged her. Something didn’t feel right. We went to our vet and they wanted us to rush her to the veterinary university because her oxygen levels were not good."

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"She wasn’t breathing well, wouldn’t walk, and wouldn’t eat… there they told us they were going to do some tests and get her x-rays looked at. They gave her an ultrasound," Celina explained the medical procedures. But it’s not just about the medicine. Celina has a special relationship with Molly, who has been with her since before Day 1 of her public career as an influencer.

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“Here is the thing about Molly, she is my soul dog,” Celina added. “The biggest love of my life, and everyone knows that. Some think it’s unhealthy, but it’s how it is. The vets call, everything is what we were most scared of. We have never cried so hard in our lives. We don’t have children, our dogs are our life.”

Throughout Celina’s videos, Molly has made various appearances, along with their other fur babies. But because of everything going on, Celina warned us that she may not be as online as usual as she cares for Molly. While many people would have said goodbye to a pet after a diagnosis like this, Celina learned that they can prolong her life through chemotherapy.

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“We met with the oncology center. I didn’t want to be selfish and keep her here just because I need her,” she explained. “They told us chemo in dogs is not like chemo in humans, that she won’t suffer. They said we could buy a healthy happy year. Molly had her first chemo today and she is laying in my arms as I try not to absolutely lose it. I might be AWOL for a while.

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“So please send her love, don’t forget about us ♥️ send prayers, send miracles. Tell me success stories. Fill us up, we are so empty. In one month we will know if the chemo is working. 11 years is not long enough. (We are doing CHOP chemo).”

Quickly, Celina’s fans started sharing their success stories in the comments, specifically with CHOP chemo, which is a chemotherapy combination of four different drugs for non-Hodgkin lymphoma that works by destroying quickly dividing cancer cells. Several followers shared how CHOP bought them another 1–3 years with their pets, and even how some dogs beat cancer altogether!

We’re hoping for the best for Celina, Molly, and their whole family.

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