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We Finally Meet Cesar's Dad, Ray, but What's up With His Mom?



Fans are still recovering after binging through the third (and maybe last?) season of On My Block on Netflix.

It's been a wild ride for the LA teens as we've watched Monse, Cesar, Ruby, Jasmine and Jamal navigate gangs, love, family dynamics and fear of deportation.

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While Cesar (Diego Tinoco) is forging a relationship with his father Ray, who he hasn't seen in 12 years, we still haven't seen much of Cesar or Oscar (aka "Spooky")'s mom. So, where has she been all this time and what's the backstory there? Keep reading!

Source: Kevin Estrada/Netflix
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What happened to Cesar and Oscar's mom?

So, Cesar's dad is back after spending 12 years behind bars. "We're going to get to explore that relationship between Ray and Cesar," actor Diego Tinoco, 22, told BET

"Cesar has looked at [his brother] Oscar as a father figure for the past many years," he continued. "So we're going to explore how they interact with the dad actually coming into the picture."

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On My Block co-creator Eddie Gonzalez opened up to Teen Vogue about what a powerful moment it was to have Cesar and his father reunite at last. "I can tell you that the character who plays Ray (Ian Casselberry) this year... I can tell you in three years that we've been doing this, I have never once had a scene where all the grips, everyone stops what they're doing to watch the scene on the monitor," he said.

Source: Kevin Estrada/Netflix
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"He comes in and he knocks it out," Eddie shared. "He's unbelievable." As it turns out, one reason for the powerful connection between father and son has to do with the fact that the actors took a lot of time off-screen to get to know one another.

"We would share very personal things about ourselves to one another just so we could connect on a personal level," Diego shared with Teen Vogue. "And we would do that every time before we shot a scene. So it was really interesting to do and try."

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The introduction of Ray also served to dispel theories that Lil' Ricky could be Cesar and Spooky's dad. However, when it comes to the boys' mom, things get a little more murky.

Source: Kevin Estrada/Netflix
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In fact, it seems like the only time that she's ever been mentioned is in Season 1's "Chapter 8," after Cesar tells his friends that he's joined the Santos because the men in his family were also members.

Talking to his brother, Cesar learns that Spooky had the opportunity to go to a magnet school because his grades were so high, but decided not to further his education because he couldn't leave Cesar alone. Cesar responds in confusion, saying that he thought their mom had been around at that juncture of their childhoods.

"Mom wasn't always around," the big brother explains. "And, when she was around, she wasn't really around." Then Cesar reveals to Oscar that he wasn't aware of his mother's behavior. "Good, then I did my job," Spooky responds, hinting that she might have suffered from drug, alcoholism or mental health issues.

Season 3 of On My Block is now streaming on Netflix.

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