What Happened to Jenn Sherman That Kept Her off Her Beloved Peloton? Details

Melissa Willets - Author

Jan. 24 2024, Published 12:10 p.m. ET

Fans know her as Peloton's original cycling coach.

But as of Jan. 1, 2024, she of self-depricating personality, Jenn Sherman, was nowhere to be found on the fitness app. Fans immediately expressed concern — what happened to Jenn Sherman and her special brand of empowering music and inspiring cycling?

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According to Jenn's Instagram Stories, the instructor was dealing with some medical issues. What was going on that kept the instructor off of her beloved Peloton? Read on for what we know.

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So, what happened to Jenn Sherman at the beginning of the year?

In the New Year, just as folks were hitting their Pelotons hard in order to stick to those resolutions, the self-described "Peloton OG" was taking a break from leading classes. Not exactly ideal timing, but it seems Jenn couldn't help but take a breather.

Via her Stories on Instagram, Jenn decided to share what was going on with her so that her fans would worry too much, saying she wanted to "cut to the chase" and address "the elephant in the room."

Then, she revealed she was dealing with some medical issues that weren't too serious, thankfully. "I am totally fine," she told her followers, indicating she'd make a full recovery.

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However, for at least a few weeks, her doctors did not give her medical clearance to come back to teaching live classes.

Jenn was sure to reassure her devoted followers that she wasn't leaving Peloton, and definitely planned to hop back on her cycle as soon as she was medically cleared to do so.

"You wouldn’t want me to come back sooner than I can, right?" Jenn teased about the issue she referred to as "annoying," but didn't offer more color on, at least at time of writing.

"So thank you for being patient," Jenn told fans next. "No, I’m not going anywhere and I’m going to be back as soon as I can be back, as soon as my doctor gives me the thumbs up. I’m hoping that that is real soon and I will update you as I go.”

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Jenn Sherman returned to Peloton as of Jan. 23, 2024, to the great relief of fans.

Several fans took to social media to welcome Jenn back as of Jan. 23, so it seems that whatever medical issues she was dealing with are behind her.

"It's just like riding a bike," one person joked about Jenn's triumphant return.

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In an update to her Stories, Jenn said, "I have missed you," to her fans, and also enthused how good it felt to be back in the Peloton headquarters after time away.

"And we are soo happy to have you back!" one rider gushed in the comments to the video. "Glad you are back! So happy you are well!" someone else proclaimed.

Meanwhile, Jenn was overjoyed to announce that after eight weeks, "I'm in the studio, back where I belong!" She went on to teach two classes, and is seemingly ready to move forward.

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