What Happened to Paige —Sheldon's Rival— in ‘Young Sheldon’?

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Dec. 19 2023, Published 5:52 p.m. ET

Young Sheldon
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Young Sheldon

The Gist:

  • Paige Swanson is another prodigy, and she is friends with Sheldon in Young Sheldon.
  • Usually, the two have witty banter and funny exchanges.
  • But in Season 6, things take a massive turn for Paige.
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Prodigies and peculiarities collide in Young Sheldon. One character that fits that bill is Paige Swanson, portrayed by Mckenna Grace. Paige enters the scene as a child prodigy and as Sheldon’s classmate.

As a fellow genius, she adds complexity and depth to the story. Paige's character is initially presented as a cheerful and intelligent counterpart to Sheldon, but as the series unfolds, her journey takes unexpected turns, revealing a darker side that has us all a little worried.

What happened to Paige's character?

Mckenna Grace
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Mckenna Grace

As Young Sheldon progresses through its seasons, Paige undergoes a compelling evolution, mirroring the challenges and tribulations of adolescence. Initially introduced in Season 2 as a fellow child prodigy attending Dr. John Sturgis's class, Paige quickly becomes a notable figure in Sheldon's academic and personal life. Her intelligence matches, and at times surpasses, Sheldon's own, creating a rivalry that's fun to watch.

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However, the trajectory of Paige's character takes a serious turn in Season 3, following her parents' divorce. This significant life event marks the beginning of Paige's struggles, manifesting in changes to her appearance and demeanor. A rebellious streak emerges, symbolized by a distinctive pink streak in her hair.

Paige's narrative unfolds in the show's 100th episode, a milestone where she, now a member of a lecture team from the University of Austin, visits Sheldon at East Texas Tech.

Faced with social challenges and a sense of not belonging, Paige makes a drastic decision—she leaves college and runs away.

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Missy & Paige Hit The Road
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Missy & Paige Hit The Road

In Season 6, Paige returns with a revelation—she has dropped out of school and feels alienated. Her distress is palpable, particularly during a college party scene where she contemplates leaving with an older companion.

The season concludes with Paige and Sheldon's sister, Missy, attempting to escape to Florida by stealing a truck, only to be thwarted by the police. And that’s it — that is the last time we see her.

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Super fans note that we never see Paige in 'The Big Bang Theory.'

Curiously, despite the significant role Paige played in Sheldon's formative years, she is notably absent from his adult life in The Big Bang Theory.

The reasons behind this omission remain a mystery, prompting speculation among fans. Whether it is a deliberate choice by Sheldon, a result of her unresolved storyline, or simply a narrative gap, the absence of Paige in Sheldon's adult life adds an intriguing layer to the mystery of what happened with Paige.

As fans eagerly await the final chapter of Young Sheldon, the questions surrounding Paige Swanson deepen.

What will become of Sheldon's childhood rival? Will Paige find contentment and peace in her tumultuous journey? Only Season 7 holds the answers, and we wouldn’t miss it!

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