Spiritual Leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Just Had Emergency Brain Surgery

Sadhguru is recovering ahead of schedule, and is now in stable condition following the surgery.


Mar. 21 2024, Published 10:02 a.m. ET

Sadhguru sitting for an official portrait.
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In mid-March, news broke that renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was recovering from emergency brain surgery. Following the news, many naturally had questions about the overall state of Sadhguru's health, and about why this surgery was necessary.

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Sadhguru has been very open about his health, and the Isha Foundation has said that their leader's condition is now stable. Here's what we know about what happened to Sadhguru's health, and how long he's likely to be in recovery.

Sadhguru putting his hands together at an environmental rally.
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What happened to Sadhguru's health?

In an announcement from March 20, the Isha Foundation announced that Sadhguru required emergency surgery after facing a "life-threatening" emergency.

"Sadhguru has recently undergone a life-threatening medical situation. He is currently recovering well," the statement explained.

The statement offered additional details, explaining that Sadhguru underwent an MRI on March 15, and massive bleeding in his brain was discovered.

Sadhguru refused to cancel his prior commitments, though, and had to attend them under the effect of powerful painkillers and sedation.

Sadhguru reportedly suffered multiple brain bleeds before he was ultimately as a result of a severe headache. The situation continued to worsen, which led to the emergency brain surgery that relieved the bleeding in his skull. The procedure took place at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi.

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"Sadhguru was suffering from severe headache for the last four weeks," the statement explained. "The headache got extremely severe by March 14, 2024 afternoon when he arrived in Delhi. Sadhguru underwent an urgent MRI at 4.30 pm the same day, which revealed a massive bleed in the brain. There was evidence of a chronic bleed that had been ongoing in the last 3-4 weeks as well as fresh bleeding that had developed in the previous 24-48 hours of the examination."

Source: Instagram/@sadhguru
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The statement continued by explaining that Sadhguru now "making steady progress and recovering extremely well."

"Neurologist Dr. Vinit Suri of Apollo Hospital said 'We were joking with him that we have done what we could but you are healing yourself. The kind of improvement we are seeing is beyond our expectation. He is now extremely well. All his brain, body and vital parameters are normal and he is making a steady progress,'" it read.

Sadhguru has been a spiritual leader for decades.

Sadhguru has been teaching yoga since 1982, and in 1992, he opened the Isha Foundation. The foundation operates an ashram and yoga centre that hosts educational and spiritual activities.

In addition to his spiritual teachings, Sadhguru has also become an outspoken environmental advocate, and a beloved person across the world, and especially in India.

Although this health scare certainly had many who were familiar with Sadhguru's work concerned, it seems like he is recovering ahead of schedule. Everyone from fans to the prime minister of India wished him well as he recovers. It's unclear what caused the bleeding, and whether the issue may ultimately recur. For the moment, though, it seems that he is focused on making a full recovery and returning to his many duties as soon as possible.

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