So Like, What Happened With That Whole Baby Subplot in 'All of Us Are Dead'?

What happens to the baby in 'All of Us Are Dead'? The show keeps track of several survivors in the zombie apocalypse, but viewers still have questions.

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Feb. 8 2022, Published 2:50 p.m. ET

The baby from 'All of Us Are Dead'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for All of Us Are Dead.

It's a fight to survive the zombie apocalypse in All of Us Are Dead. The new South Korean sci-fi thriller on Netflix has been topping the charts in the U.S. thanks to some compelling zombie drama. The series follows several factions of humans trying to survive a zombie virus outbreak throughout the city of Hyosan. One of the survivors comes in the form of a newborn baby.

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After a science teacher's experiments go horribly wrong, Hyosan High School becomes ground zero for a zombie virus epidemic. As the virus tears through the city, the remaining students at school must band together in order to survive.

There are several factions of survivors in the series, including multiple groups of students. But out in the city, there are also people struggling to survive. What happens to survivors like that newborn baby?

All of us are dead baby netflix
Source: Netflix
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What happens to the baby in 'All of Us Are Dead'?

In the beginning of the series, student Park Hee-su (Lee Chae-eun) is seen struggling with her health for unknown reasons. After leaving the school mere minutes before the zombie outbreak begins, it is eventually revealed that she is pregnant. Having kept her pregnancy a secret from the school, she is forced to give birth to her baby in a public bathroom.

Initially, she intends to leave the baby there for someone to pick up. But she didn't account for a zombie apocalypse.

Hee-su opts to pick up the baby and run away as quickly as she can. She eventually ends up in a chicken restaurant, but not before getting bitten and infected by the zombie horde. In a desperate attempt to save her baby before she turns, she locks the doors to the restaurant, places the baby away from her, and restrains herself against the doors. Despite fully turning into a zombie, she is able to keep her baby safe, both from herself and from the horde outside.

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Not long after the fact, Detective Song Jae-ik (Lee Kyu-hyung) and Officer Jeon Ho-chul (Park Jae-chul) seek refuge from the zombies by holing up in the same restaurant on their way to the school to retrieve a laptop with sensitive information on the virus. They immediately come across the baby, and Jae-ik doesn't hesitate to bring the baby along as he tries to make it to Hyosan High School.

Eventually, Jae-ik and his crew — baby in tow — are rescued by the South Korean military.

All of Us Are Dead baby
Source: Netflix

It isn't long after that that they are brought to a quarantine zone and kept relatively safe from the virus.

Interestingly enough, that's about the last we see of the baby. We can assume that the child was kept under close watch along with other Hyosan rescues after the military discovers that those who are infected can be asymptomatic. But for all intents and purposes, the baby is one of the few humans who is able to survive ground zero of the zombie apocalypse.

You can stream the entire first season of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

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