'What If...?' Episode 5 Leaves Us Wondering if This Alternate Reality Can Be Saved (SPOILERS)

‘What If…?’ Episode 5 takes a turn for the worse when a zombie apocalypse takes over. But what happens next? Here’s the ending, explained.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Sep. 8 2021, Published 9:10 p.m. ET

'What If...?' Episode 5 zombies
Source: Marvel

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for What If…? Episode 5.

In Episode 5 of What If…?, Uatu the Watcher shows us what happens when a zombie virus infects the world. Bruce Banner lands in an apocalyptic and eerily quiet New York City. Just like in Avengers: Infinity War, he lands in Doctor Strange’s home, but unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Doctor Strange is not there to explain what’s going on.

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Instead, he goes outside to see what’s happening and is attacked by zombie versions of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong — which is pretty scary.

Episode 5 of What If…? leans heavily into the horror genre and even makes fun of its tropes when Peter Parker asks if any of the other heroes have ever seen a horror movie. But the ending leaves us with a lot of questions, and many of us are even wondering if there will be a Part 2 of “What If… Zombies!?”

'What If...?' Episode 5 Zombie Captain America
Source: Marvel
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The ‘What If…?’ Episode 5 ending has a surprise villain and a cliffhanger.

Although most of What If…? Episode 5 centers on trying to get through to find a cure for the flesh-eating virus, the ending poses some major questions for this timeline. After many horrific peeks at Avengers-turned-zombies and some intense action scenes, the episode ends with Peter Parker, Scott Lang’s talking head, and T’Challa heading toward Wakanda to work on a cure for the zombie virus.

'What If...?' Episode 5 Zombie Thanos
Source: Marvel
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Basically, Vision figures out that the Mind Stone is somewhat of an antidote to the zombie virus and repels the zombies. But in a crazy twist of events, once the remaining heroes learn this, they also figure out that Vision has been luring innocent people to feed to his love-turned-zombie, Zombie Wanda.

But, like Wanda at the end of WandaVision, Vision realizes he’s hurting innocent people and sacrifices his possible cure for the greater good.

'What If...?' Episode 5 Zombie Wanda
Source: Marvel
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So, Vision gives up the Mind Stone to Peter Parker and lets T’Challa go along with Scott Lang’s talking head so that they can go to Wakanda to figure out the cure for the zombie virus.

But, as they’re flying to Wakanda with hope in their hearts, we see Zombie Thanos with an almost-completed Infinity Gauntlet. Between a selfish Vision and a Zombie Thanos cliffhanger, the ending of What If…? Episode 5 has a lot of twists and turns.

Will there be a “What If... Zombies!?” Part 2?

The way that What If…? Episode 5 ends on a cliffhanger, many of us are wondering if there will be a Part 2 to this story, and it’s definitely possible. While we’re not sure if we’ll see a second part this season, we know that What If…? Season 2 is already in the works.

And it’s basically confirmed that there will be another Captain Carter episode in Season 2, so why not have another zombie episode in Season 2 as well?

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'What If...?' Episode 5 Peter Parker
Source: Marvel

However, this cliffhanger is so suspenseful that we wouldn’t be surprised if we get a Part 2 in Season 1. Could Episode 6 of What If…? be “What If... Zombies!?" Part 2? Since Marvel has been so careful not to reveal too much before episodes are released, it's tough to know for sure what comes next. But a Part 2 seems necessary to continue this story.

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Because the final stone to complete the Infinity Gauntlet repels zombies, it’s possible that Zombie Thanos won’t be able to collect it, even if he somehow conquers the heroes keeping it safe.

And if Zombie Thanos does get the stone, what will he do with it? All the other zombie characters did not seem to be conscious of their identities or who their friends are, so does Zombie Thanos have some sort of enhanced consciousness? Hopefully, a second part will clue us in on the truth.

Episode 5 of What If…? is now available to stream on Disney Plus. New episodes drop Wednesdays.

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