Trying to Figure Out What a Flusher is in 'Fortnite'? Here’s How to Complete the Latest Challenge

You’ll need to hide in a flusher to complete the latest 'Fortnite' challenge. But what is a flusher in 'Fortnite,' and how do you find one?

Jon Bitner - Author

Oct. 5 2023, Published 3:30 p.m. ET

The gist:

  • A new Fortnite challenge tasks players with hiding in a haystack, dumpster, and flusher.
  • The flusher is essentially a porta potty and can be found throughout the island.
  • You’ll need to dive inside a flusher as part of the latest Fortnite challenge.
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Epic Games has just released a new batch of Fortnite quests, and one of them tasks you with hiding in a haystack, dumpster, and flusher. It’s easy to figure out what haystacks and dumpsters are in Fortnite, but the term flusher is a bit more confusing.

So, what is a flusher in Fortnite, and where you can find one? Here’s what you need to know to complete the Fortnite challenge.

What is a flusher in 'Fortnite'?

Flusher is the term used for porta potties in Fortnite. That means you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for rectangular blue portable toilets as you move around the map. These can often be found on the side of buildings. Gas stations are a particularly good place to look, though you can also find them just about anywhere with buildings.

Need help finding a Fortnite flusher? Check out the map for the location of a gas station with a flusher:

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Aside from gas stations, Tilted Towers is a great spot to search for flushers. Specifically, look for areas with construction gear — these locations are all but guaranteed to have at least one.

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You’ll need to be careful when approaching flushers, however, as it’s possible another player will be hiding inside waiting for you. This is especially true right now, as thousands of players are scrambling to complete the same challenge. If you don’t find a flusher right at the start of the match, be sure to approach with caution.

How to hide in a haystack, dumpster, and flusher.

To complete the Fortnite challenge, you’ll need to hide inside a haystack, dumpster, and flusher. Once you’ve located one of these objects, simply approach it and you’ll be given an on-screen prompt to hide inside. On PlayStation, this defaults to the square button.

Press the button, and you’ll hide inside the object. Perform that action with a haystack, dumpster, and flusher, and you’ll complete the challenge.

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What’s great about this challenge is that flushers are often located near dumpsters. Both can be frequently found in urban environments (like Tilted Towers), and it should take no more than a few minutes of searching to locate both.

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Haystacks, meanwhile, are found in rural areas. Frenzy Fields is a great place to look for haystacks, though it can get a bit crowded with players trying to finish this challenge. Your best bet here is to land directly at Frenzy Fields when leaving the battle bus, then backtrack to Tilted Towers to hide inside a flusher and dumpster.

Conversely, you can land at Tilted Towers and hide inside the flusher and dumpster, stock up on gear, then head towards Frenzy Fields. Titled Towers tends to have tons of useful weapons, giving you a chance to beef up your inventory before venturing out into the countryside to search for haystacks.

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