The Super Secret Influencer on 'The Circle' Has the Power To Change the Game Dramatically

"There's an opportunity now for me to really do something for me," the super secret influencer says.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

May 1 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Brandon from The Circle sits on his bed
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The second to last episode of Season 6 of The Circle might not be the finale, but it's still here to deliver surprises for the players and viewers alike. The players put in what appears to be their final, or nearly final, rankings, as they place each other in order from first to last. And normally, the top two ranked players would be named influencers.

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Instead, we get one super secret influencer on the Netflix reality show. But what does that mean for the finale and the final players by extension? For starters, it means that one person has a whole lot of power going into the final episode and final ranking, and one other player gets the boot ahead of the Season 6 finale of The Circle.

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What is a super secret influencer on 'The Circle'?

The super secret influencer on The Circle is the one sole influencer who was voted the highest among the other players in Episode 12. Luckily, we don't have to wait until the finale to see that it's Olivia, aka Brandon. But Brandon's identity as the super secret influencer is also, well, super secret. He doesn't tell anyone he was voted as the top player, and no one is made aware of his decision in who he blocks.

In this case, each player gets a separate private notice in their respective apartment on the TV screens to let them know they are safe. That is, until one player is blocked by Brandon. In true Circle fashion, we don't see who Brandon chooses to send home in the penultimate episode, but The Circle finale features the final contestants because of Brandon's decision to block one of them.

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Who does Olivia block in Season 6, Episode 12 of 'The Circle'?

In Episode 12, the identity of the super secret influencer comes down to Kyle or Olivia, who we know as Brandon in real life. After Brandon is named as the super secret influencer in private, he alone has to make the toughest decision of his game. Does he send someone like Jordan home, since "Big J" can't really do much for his game?

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Or, does Brandon/Olivia block Myles, who some other players see as a puppet master of sorts? Then again, Brandon is allies with not only Myles, but also Myles's three person alliance, The Tres Fuegos.

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"I mean, I have no idea what to do here," Brandon says in Episode 12, to no one in particular, as he stands alone in his apartment. "You know, I've made genuine connections with everybody in The Circle. But there's an opportunity now for me to really do something for me, and I don't get that chance a lot. And I feel like I have to take it."

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