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What Is Macaulay Culkin Doing Now? The Former Child Actor Is Settling Down



Macaulay Culkin is one of those child actors who defined the childhoods of kids who grew up in the '90s. His legacy lives on, in particular, during the holidays — thanks to the wild successes of Home Alone and Home Alone 2.

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Unfortunately, Macaulay was among those who seemed to follow the "broken child actor" stereotype. Because for a while there, at least — thanks to his rumored drug addiction as well as a nasty breakup from longtime girlfriend Mila Kunis — he definitely had a rough go of it.

In recent years, though, the actor who brought Kevin McCallister to life has settled down a bit. He has emerged from his self-imposed hiatus — and it seems like he might even be ready to start a family.

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macaulay culkin what is he doing now
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He's busy with his own website and podcast.

Macaulay's Bunny Ears Podcast features him interviewing various stars while — you guessed it — he wears bunny ears. Is it random and kind of awkward? Yes. But you know what? It actually works. The accompanying website BunnyEars.com, as Macaulay described to Jimmy Fallon, is "kind of like Goop meets The Onion."

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"It's a lifestyle kind of thing — I realized there was kind of a hole in the market of kind of poking fun at it, but at the same time being informative," he told the talk show host in March 2018. (Right about the same time Macaulay joined social media, for the record.)

Check out this article titled, "Exclusive: Macaulay Culkin Interviews The Swarm Of Bees From My Girl." You won't be disappointed.

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Macaulay is dating Brenda Song.

Macaulay and Brenda met on the set of their film Changeland, which was written and directed by Seth Green. Although the couple hasn't divulged a ton about their relationship, Macaulay told Anna Faris in 2018, “I’m with a lady right now and she is so good to me.” 

Meanwhile, Brenda told Entertainment Tonight in April 2019 that they had an instant connection over being child actors. "You just look each other in the eye and you nod and we know," she told the publication.

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And he's apparently ready to start a family.

In an interview with Esquire — which was published on Feb. 11 — Macaulay opened up about what he's doing now, along with what he hopes to be doing in the near future. And it looks like that includes kids.

“We practice a lot,” he told the publication. “We’re figuring it out, making the timing work. Because nothing turns you on more than when your lady comes into the room and says, ‘Honey, I’m ovulating.’”

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Source: Instagram

He's in the process of legally changing his middle name.

In 2018, Macaulay held a contest on his website asking to what he should change his middle name. The top contenders were: Macaulay Culkin, Kieran (thanks to his brother Kieran,) TheMcRibIsBack, Publicity Stunt, and Shark Week. With nearly 61,000 votes, the winner was Macaulay Culkin — which would make his name Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.

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It may have started out as jus a gag, but he's actually going through with it. “I still haven’t officially done it. There’s a lot of hoops you gotta jump through," he told Esquire. "I have a high-powered, high-priced attorney all over it, and he goes, ‘It’s not as easy as you’d think.’ But yeah, no, it’s happening. This gag is like a year old. I gotta do this.”

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Overall, it seems Macaulay is a well-adjusted former child actor who is having fun doing what makes him happy. Brenda mentioned to Esquire that she would love to see him really get back into acting. So who knows? Perhaps this is only the beginning of an epic Hollywood comeback.

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