A Man Found A Bag Of Cash And Now He's Being Warned That It Is "Paper Route Money"

A TikToker has gone viral after he found a bag of cash unattended. Now, he's being warned that it was "paper route money" that he should return immediately.

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Sep. 28 2023, Published 9:13 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • A man found a bag of cash inside a hole in the ground.
  • The bag also contained questionable items and a lump of hair.
  • TikTokers think the man found "paper route money," and could be in danger.
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A TikTok user discovered a bag filled with money and other items while out on a walk, and he quickly claimed the items for himself. Adrian, who goes by @adrian_peru on the video-sharing platform, is now receiving warnings from others on TikTok who have suggested that cash could be paper route money.

Adrian shared the video on September 25, and it has since garnered more than 14 million views and 11,000 comments. In the video, Adrian finds a dollar stuck under a grate. When he lifts the grate, he sees even more cash and a bag filled with a strange collection of objects.

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Adrian finds a book filled with cash, an unlabeled bottle of medication, and a wallet. There are also notes inside the bag, with the message, “Call Hugh (Georgia),” written on them. After posting the clip, Adrian received a flood of comments from TikTok users recommending he return the bag immediately.

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“Put that back. That’s a paper route. Lol they’ll find it,” one person commented. Adrian responded to the message and explained that he had no idea what “paper route” money was, prompting even more panic from other TikTok users.

For those like Adrian, who are unfamiliar with paper route money, that’s probably a good thing. But here’s a breakdown of what the term means, for any curious minds.

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What is “paper route” money?

The internet is in shambles after Adrian took home the cash and other items that he found in the middle of nowhere. TikTok users believe Adrian stumbled across a “paper route,” and could be in danger if he does not return the money.

“My guyyyy put that back and delete this is this is legit, they will legit find you,” one person warned. But some, including Adrian, have no idea what the fuss is all about. And while it’s unclear if Adrian is truly in any danger, a paper route is not something he would want to interrupt.

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According to Urban Dictionary, a paper route is a “place where a dealer sells drugs from.” However, a paper route can refer to any location where an exchange of items is done secretly.

Also referred to as a dead drop, paper routes limit the chances of being caught as there is never a physical exchange of goods. One party will drop off the products, and the other will return at a later point to retrieve the package.

Adrian was questioned by the police and is safe and sound.

Adrian provided an update on his paper route debacle on September 27, and he appeared to call the police for help. In the video, Adrian first returns the items to the hole covered by the grate. He later received a visit from police, who questioned him about the bag filled with cash.

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Adrian told the officers that he returned the items and even provided his recordings as evidence. The officers checked the hole, but the bag was gone. Adrian was then asked to give the officers the sneakers he wore when he discovered the items.

However, the story does not end there. Adrian later got a note in the mail requesting he return the $50 that was missing from the paper route bag, and he did so without hesitation.

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