The Long Doge Challenge Is Designed to Destroy Your Printer's Black Ink


Apr. 13 2021, Published 9:30 p.m. ET

Imagine talking to someone who went into a coma right before the advent of "internet culture" and having to explain to them what a meme is. It's a joke, but it's actually an inside joke that you create with a bunch of strangers, and said inside joke isn't a "joke" in the traditional sense where there's a punchline, but there's joy in just getting the reference. Yes, it's almost impossible to adequately explain. Which is kind of like delving into what the Long Doge Challenge is.

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So, what is the Long Doge Challenge? It's just a continuation of a beloved meme.

If you're not familiar with the "Doge" meme, here's a breakdown. It's literally just a photo of an adorable Shiba Inu face appended to some enthusiastic statements that are grammatically incorrect. If you need further clarification on the syntax of proper Doge meme linguistics, Wikipedia has done a pretty great job of over-explaining the meme to the point where any shred of humor it once contained is now forever demolished.

what is the long doge challenge
Source: Reddit
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Somewhere down the line, another iteration of the Doge meme surfaced on the web that depicted everyone's favorite Shiba Inu with a concerned look on their face as an elongated version of itself. And thus, "Long Doge" was born.

Of course, there are other iterations of the meme on top of "Long Doge."

Basically, all you need to do is use the Doge's face on any subject, from bobsleds to Vogue magazine, and fill the surrounding area with grammatically incorrect phrases. Don't forget to put the phrases in Comic Sans.

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what is the long doge challenge
Source: Reddit

But the Long Doge Challenge takes that elongated version of our Shiba Inu and turns it into a mindless "challenge" that is an extension of the long-running internet meme.

The basis of the challenge is pretty simple: How long can you scroll down to make "Long Doge" as long as he can possibly be on this web page?

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The goal of the challenge is to collect as many "wows" as possible while scrolling down. Here's a hint: Click on the dog and hold the arrow down key along with the PgDn key to scroll down more quickly, or weigh down those keys for a few hours.

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The more you scroll down, the higher your ranking gets. You'll collect "LARGE wows" while scrolling down, and your ranking will be reflected in Doge language. Every thousandth "wow" seems to get you another exclamation point on the Long Doge Challenge, but it's hard to know what the penultimate amount is.

The challenge was created by the Twitch Channel TimBuildsUselessWebsites, and you can see how he built this wonderful little challenge on his YouTube page down below:

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What's more, you can even print out the Long Doge you've created, and it will absolutely destroy all of your black ink in doing so. So if you wanted to pull a really mean and wasteful prank on your university's computer lab, well, this website is sure to be the one to do it.

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Will you be participating in this challenge? Or are you very much disenfranchised with the idea of wasting even more time than you already do scrolling through the internet while shirking the responsibilities and dreams that you've had for as far back as you can remember, thinking that one day when all of the stars align, you'll finally be able to tackle what you've always fantasized about overcoming?

For now, I'm just going to keep scrolling and see if 9,999 is the max amount of "wows" you can get on the page.

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