Lea Cayanan Became the Villain on 'The Bachelor' — When Does She Go Home?

Lea Cayanan was a fan-favorite in Joey's season of 'The Bachelor' before she became the villain and many fans want her to go home.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Feb. 13 2024, Published 1:08 p.m. ET

Lea's first impression with Joey on 'The Bachelor'
Source: ABC

Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers for The Bachelor Season 28.

It has already been four weeks of Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor, and the drama is heating up. Some of us watch The Bachelor for love, while others watch it for the back-and-forth between fame-seeking contestants “searching for the one.” In Joey’s season, Sydney Gordon emerged as the villain, but after she was sent home in Episode 4, Lea Cayanan surprisingly took her place.

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Lea began the season as a hero — she was given the advantage to steal someone else’s 1-on-1 date but decided to burn it because she would rather be chosen by Joey instead of forcing him to take her. He respected the decision so much that he gave her the first impression rose. But will the rose pay off now that Lea has turned to the dark side? When does she go home?

Lea smiling for a 'Bachelor' photoshoot
Source: ABC
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Lea Cayanan doesn’t last long in ‘The Bachelor’ after becoming the villain.

While Lea made a selfless decision that paid off in the short term on Night One, maybe she should have kept her advantage. Lea goes home without ever going on a 1-on-1 with Joey, so it could have come in handy. Even still, instead of remaining a hero, Lea lived long enough to see herself become the villain in Episode 4.

After some drama between Sydney and Maria Georgas about fellow suitor Malinda Alam, The Bachelor gave us a classic 2-on-1 date with the two women. Joey ultimately believed Maria, who seemed to be on the good side based on her friendships in the house. Malinda even forgave Maria for what she initially said but Sydney felt that Maria was patronizing Malinda and refused to drop it.

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Sydney and Maria's 2-on-1 date on 'The Bachelor'
Source: ABC

Lea befriended Sydney throughout all the drama, so when Sydney was sent home, Lea quickly took up her mantle as the season’s villain. She continued to harp on Maria to Joey and made a big deal about no one being upset about Sydney’s exit. When Lea confronted Maria, Maria ended up in tears and Malinda comforted her.

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In her confessional, Lea said, "Maria storms off in tears, and I want to say, 'I'm glad that that's the case.' Yeah, she's just ... I don't know. Honestly, like she's a drama queen crybaby. She has a rose. She had a week in Malta, and she has had so much time with Joey. I can't change that, so, you know, my hands are up. But tonight's a really great opportunity for me to speak my truth and stand on it."

The Malta group date in 'The Bachelor'
Source: ABC
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According to Reality Steve, ‘The Bachelor’ contestant Lea Cayanan goes home in the sixth Rose Ceremony.

Obviously, we can’t confirm when Lea goes home before the episode actually airs, but we can go to resident Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve for a much-needed prediction. According to Steve, Lea is sent home during the sixth rose ceremony, which takes place in Montreal, Canada. She goes on a group date with seven other women: Daisy, Jenn, Jessica, Katelyn, Kelsey A., Lexi, and Rachel.

On the group date, they go on a scavenger hunt around Montreal, which includes some hockey playing, and the date helps Joey take the group of women from 10 down to six. He eliminates Jessica Edwards during the group date, and Lexi Young self-eliminates between the group date and Joey’s 1-on-1 with Maria. At the rose ceremony, Joey sends Lea and Katelyn home, and we can finally say sayonara to Lea’s villainous ways.

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