You Can Get a Special Master Chief Helmet in 'Fall Guys' by Completing These Challenges

You'll need to collect all of the lost helmets in 'Fall Guys' if you want the pink Master Chief helmet. But where are they? Here's where to find them.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 1 2022, Published 2:09 p.m. ET

Master Chief in 'Fall Guys'
Source: Mediatonic

Halo has finally come to Fall Guys with a new crossover event, giving players the opportunity to obtain a Master Chief helmet for their character. But like most crossover events in a battle royale game, players need to complete a series of challenges to obtain the pieces to the outfit.

The Spartan Showdown will only be available for a limited amount of time, and you'll have to complete the challenges in this showcase and find all of the lost helmets to get the rewards. Where are the helmets?

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How to compete in the Spartan Showdown.

Before you can begin to find the lost helmets, you'll first have to make sure that you're competing in the Spartan Showdown. To do this, you'll want to select which shows you want to participate in and make sure only the Spartan Showdown is selected. This ensures that you'll only be put into rounds with the requirements for the Spartan Showdown.

To complete all of the challenges in the Spartan Showdown, players will have to complete these tasks in addition to finding the lost helmets:

Master Chief in 'Fall Guys'
Source: Mediatonic
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  • Play Spartan Showdown
  • Qualify from any round in Spartan Showdown seven times
  • Throw Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown seven times
  • Get knocked down by Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown seven times
  • Reach the final round in Spartan Showdown

Completing all of these challenges will earn you additional kudos and other rewards in-game.

Where to find the lost helmets in 'Fall Guys.'

In total, there are five different levels that have helmets for you to find: Dizzy Heights, Tip Toe, Gate Crash, Big Shots, and Thin Ice. Unfortunately, there is not a way to choose which level you'll compete in at any given time, so you'll have to keep playing until you're placed in the level with a helmet.

Regardless of whether or not you've already gotten the helmet in one of these levels before, it will still appear in the level for you to collect.

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In Dizzy Heights, you'll find the pink spinning helmet in the upper level around the middle of the course, located among the spinning platforms. Make sure you don't fall out the level below, or you'll have to double back to get it.

For Tip Toe, the helmet can be found in the first row of fallaway platforms. That being said, since which platforms disappear is different every time, it's possible you may have to fall and start again to obtain this helmet.

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The helmet in Gate Crash in found in front of the middle gate at the very end of the course, meaning you'll want to time your jump across the finish line so you can clear the center gate.

In Big Shots, the helmet is in the middle of the tilting platform. You'll have to jump to get it.

Lastly, the helmet is hidden under the ice in the middle of the course in Thin Ice. You'll want to stand around it until all of the ice blocks have shattered to reveal it.

Once you've collected all of these helmets, you'll be able to win the special Master Chief helmet in Fall Guys, but completing these challenges is the only way to do it. It may take you more than one try to get them all. The in-game shop also has Halo-themed costumes and emotes you can buy with Show Bucks.

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