The Horror Series 'Red Rose' Is Set in Northern England — Was It Filmed There?

The accents are a dead giveaway for the BBC horror series 'Red Rose'. So was 'Red Rose' actually filmed in northern England? Details ahead.

Katherine Stinson - Author

Feb. 22 2023, Published 8:01 p.m. ET

(L-R) Rochelle (Isis Hainsworth) and Wren (Amelia Clarkson)
Source: BBC Three

Spoiler alert! This article contains plot details for Red Rose on Netflix.

In a true modern-day twist, a group of teens in northern England are terrorized by a mysterious app called the Red Rose in the hit BBC Three series, also titled Red Rose.

Season 1 of Red Rose is now available to stream in the U.S. on Netflix.

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So, was Red Rose actually filmed in the northern parts of England, or was the series shot somewhere else?

Here's what we know about where Red Rose was filmed.

The cast of 'Red Rose'
Source: BBC Three

Living in the digital era can be deadly.

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Where is the BBC Three series 'Red Rose' filmed?

The peaceful town of Bolton in the UK is where the stage is set for the horror that the Red Rose app unleashes on a group of innocent teenagers. According to the IMDb page for Red Rose, the series was actually filmed in Bolton as well.

Some of the more specific Red Rose filming locations in Bolton were the Bolton Town Hall, the Bolton Magistrates Court, and Farnworth, a town located in Bolton.

The very first episode of Red Rose Season 1 also gives us a huge anvil-sized hint about where our heroes are located, with the title being, "It's Grim Up North."

Everyone in the Red Rose cast also has the standard northern British accent (think Ygritte in Game of Thrones when she says her famous line, "You know nothing Jon Snow.")

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red rose filmed
Source: BBC

Where is Bolton in relation to London?

Get in fellow Yanks, we're going on a four-hour cross-country road trip in the UK – because that's exactly how long it takes to get from Bolton to London.

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Bolton is located in the greater Manchester region of the UK, so if you're traveling from Bolton as your starting point to UK's capital city, you're bound south, given that Bolton is situated in the furthest northern regions of jolly old England.

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Season 2 of the 'Red Rose' just might be filmed in Japan.

Without spoiling too much of Red Rose Season 1 (it's currently in the Top 10 Netflix shows for a reason, go watch it if you're a horror buff!) the ending of the show's first season definitely leaves the door open for a Red Rose Season 2.

Several loose ends are tied up in the Red Rose Season 1 ending, including the origin of the Red Rose app and the mysterious "Gardener" behind the chaos. However, the show never gives viewers clear answers to the "Gardener's" motive to taunt teens to their deaths.

Adding another layer of horror to Red Rose? The first season ends with a new group of teens in Japan discovering the app for the first time. Maybe this is an inspiration for us all to unplug and do a complete digital detox! (Who needs apps anyways, besides the ones in restaurants?)

You can stream Red Rose Season 1 on Netflix now.

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