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Source: Getty Images

It Looks Like Roseanne Barr Might Be Starting Her Very Own Podcast


There’s a long list of celebrities who have suffered an extreme fall from grace. Among them is Roseanne Barr, the comedian and former star of ABC’s Roseanne. But even though Roseanne is no longer to be found on TV, she hasn’t totally disappeared from the public eye. Here’s what happened to Roseanne, as well as some info on what she’s up to these days.

Why did Roseanne leave the show?

In case you (somehow) missed it, Roseanne Barr’s fall from grace took place back in May of 2018. On May 29, she posted a super racist tweet comparing former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to the film Planet of the Apes. She deleted the tweet and apologized, but the damage had been done.