Looking For the Lock-On Pistol in 'Fortnite'? Here’s Where to Find the Powerful Weapon

Jon Bitner - Author

Apr. 18 2023, Updated 3:46 p.m. ET

The Lock-On Pistol from Fortnite displayed in front a stylized background.
Source: Epic Games

The introduction of new weapons to Fortnite should never come as a surprise, as Epic Games has rolled out (and removed) dozens of wild weapons since the game launched in 2017. One of the latest weapons, however, is a bit more unique than fans are used to, as it has the ability to automatically lock onto your target.

So where can you get the Lock-On Pistol in Fortnite, and how exactly does it work? Here’s a comprehensive overview of the popular new weapon.

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Where to get the Lock-On Pistol in 'Fortnite'.

Unlike some weapons in Fortnite that can only be found in certain locations, the Lock-On Pistol can be found randomly in all chests throughout the map. You might also find some sitting on the ground or as lootable items following a supply drop.

And, if you eliminate a player that’s holding the weapon, you’ll be able to loot it from them.

A Fortnite player using the Lock-On Pistol to attack an enemy on a motorcyle.
Source: Epic Games
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In other words, look in the same places you’d normally look for weapons in Fortnite. With any luck, you’ll eventually stumble upon the Lock-On Pistol.

You might have better luck searching locations with a high density of chests (such as Shattered Slabs, Mega City, or Slappy Shores), but there’s nothing stopping you from finding the weapon as you roam the rural countryside.

How to damage opponents with the Lock-On Pistol.

To coincide with the new weapon, Fortnite has introduced a challenge that tasks you with damaging opponents with the Lock-On Pistol. Thankfully, there are no tricky hurdles to overcome with this challenge – simply find the Lock-On Pistol, equip it, then track down an opponent and start laying down fire.

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This challenge is made a bit easier by the unique dynamics of the Lock-On Pistol. As the name suggests, aiming at an enemy long enough will eventually lock onto them. Once that’s done, all the crosshairs on your screen will turn pink to confirm your target is locked.

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With a locked target, any bullets fired in their direction will automatically seek them out. That makes the Lock-On Pistol an excellent weapon for beginners or folks struggling with their aim. It doesn’t churn out as much damage as other Fortnite weapons, but it’s a welcome addition to your arsenal and a great backup to have on hand if your primary weapon needs a reload.

It’s also useful when riding the new Grind Rails, as you can easily hit moving targets without needing to be very precise with your aiming.

Once you’ve caused 200 points of damage using the Lock-On Pistol, you’ll complete the challenge associated with the weapon. After that, feel free to ditch it if you find a better firearm.

It’s unclear how long the weapon will remain in the game — so be sure to check it out while you can.

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