Scout Regiment Footlockers Hold Some Awesome Gear in 'Fortnite' – Here’s Where to Find Them

Jon Bitner - Author

Apr. 12 2023, Published 2:32 p.m. ET

Now that the latest Fortnite season has reached its midway point, the island has been overrun with content from Attack on Titan. Beyond new challenges and new unlockable cosmetics, the Attack on Titan collaboration has brought a variety of new in-game items – including the mysterious Scout Regiment Footlockers. But what exactly are these new items, and where can you find them?

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Here’s a closer look at where to find Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite, along with all the powerful gear that could be lurking inside.

Where to find Scout Regiment Footlockers in 'Fortnite'.

Thankfully, Scout Regiment Footlockers are easy to find in Fortnite, as they have dedicated spawn locations. Of course, as one of the newest additions to the game, they’re bound to be popular and a hotspot for enemy activity, so you’ll need to be prepared for a fight if you’re looking to find one.

If you’re trying to find Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite, use the below image from Fortnite.GG to help you pinpoint their location.

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Scout Regiment Footlockers are spread across the entire island, although you’ll find a heavy concentration of them in areas around Mega City, The Citadel, Kenjutsu Crossing, and Shattered Slabs. A few can also be found north of Brutal Bastion, but sticking to the Autumn biome and south of Mega City are your best bets for finding a Scout Regiment Footlocker that has yet to be searched.

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What are Scout Regiment Footlockers in 'Fortnite'?

Scout Regiment Footlockers are a new type of chest in Fortnite, and they house a random assortment of powerful gear. They’re almost always guaranteed to hold ODM Gear, which lets you grapple buildings and soar high into the sky, and many of them also contain Thunder Spears – a new projectile that’s tied to an Attack on Titan challenge.

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Unfortunately, not all Scout Regiment Footlockers appear to offer the same loot. That means you might have to open several of them before setting eyes on both the ODM Gear and Thunder Spears. But as long as you’re searching the locations listed above, you should have no problem securing the gadgets after just a few minutes of playtime.

How to use ODM Gear and Thunder Spears.

If you’re lucky enough to snag both the ODM Gear and Thunder Spears, you’ll be able to swing yourself high above enemy players and blast them with a deadly new explosive. Using the Thunder Spears is simple – just aim them like you would any other weapon and fire away. They deal explosive damage, making them great for taking down large structures.

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ODM Gear and Thunder Spears
Source: Epic Games

ODM Gear is a bit more challenging to use, but the basics are simple. This kit is essentially a grappling hook, allowing you to latch onto nearby objects and propel yourself around the map. As long as you’re within range of your target, you can activate the ODM Gear and launch yourself toward your target. You can then continue traveling towards your target, or hit the "Jump" button to send yourself skyward with added momentum.

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