Pepsi Is Partnering With IHOP for Its Latest Strange Flavor: Maple Syrup

Pepsi recently announced a maple syrup flavor in collaboration with IHOP, and now some want to know where they'll be able to find it.


Mar. 25 2022, Published 10:09 a.m. ET

Many, many people are happy with the core flavors of cola that are always available. For some, though, new flavors are a cause for excitement, even if those flavors seem random or bizarre. Pepsi recently announced that it would be a releasing a maple syrup flavor in collaboration with IHOP, and while some people are alarmed by this news, others wanted to know where they could pick up a can.

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Where can you get Pepsi's maple syrup flavor?

For now, the maple syrup flavor of Pepsi will only be available to a select few. Starting on March 24, people who want to try the flavor can take a picture of a stack of pancakes and share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShowUsYourStack. From there, 2,000 people will be selected to receive a can of Pepsi's new flavor, and one person will also receive a bottle that has a custom "spout" designed to look like IHOP's syrup pitchers.

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In order to qualify, fans must follow Pepsi on Instagram and Twitter for the duration of the contest, which ends on March 29. For now, then, Pepsi Maple Syrup will only be available to a select few people who take part in the contest and win. If the flavor is a success, it's possible that it could go into wider circulation, but that remains to be seen.

In announcing the new flavor, Pepsi said that it combines "the indulgent flavor profile maple syrup with the crisp, refreshing caramel notes of a Pepsi."

While that may sound too sweet for some, others will surely find something to love in the new flavor. The replies to Pepsi's announcement are already flooded with pancake photos, so clearly, at least a few people would like to get their hands on Pepsi Maple Syrup.

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Pepsi has released a variety of other new flavors recently.

Pepsi Maple Syrup is just the latest new flavor to come from the soda giant in recent years. Those flavors include hot apple pie, Cracker Jack, Peeps, and even hot chocolate. None of those flavors made it into wider circulation, but these types of social media contests clearly help Pepsi drive engagement with the brand, and may even lead to an uptick in sales for other flavors of their signature cola.

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What's more, entering the contest requires a pretty low commitment on the part of individuals. All they have to do is eat some pancakes, and those pancakes don't even have to be from IHOP. Pepsi's announcement of the maple syrup flavor earned it some ridicule online, and while the flavor may not be to most people's taste, it's impossible to say for sure because only a few people will get to try it.

For Pepsi, it's pretty low risk to hand out a relatively small number of cans. If the flavor turns out to be pretty terrible, it's not like they've already invested a ton of money. If it's good, they can make and eventually sell more of it.

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