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Source: YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel Narrowed Down Who He Thinks Peter's Final Three Will Be on 'The Bachelor'


Everyone's Bachelor Brackets are rolling out after the Season 24 premiere, and even Jimmy Kimmel is participating this year. We're all dying to know who Peter Weber picks for his final rose — even if you already know everything up to the final two contestants.

But if you don't, then let the guessing games begin. If you want to see how your final three match up to Jimmy's, here's who he picked to win The Bachelor.

Jimmy's 'The Bachelor' winner and runners-up picks weren't surprising.

After grilling Peter for a hot minute about how he's 28 and still lives with his parents (which, he claims, is because he's Cuban, and Cuban kids apparently live with their parents until they're almost 30), Jimmy revealed who he thinks Peter's final three contestants will be, based on the season premiere. And honestly, his guesses make a lot of sense.