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Here Are Tayshia Adams Final Six Men on 'The Bachelorette'



It's no secret that we're in for what is bound to be the messiest season yet of The Bachelorette. Besides the fact that leading lady Clare Crawley had to wait months before filming for her season to begin (thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic), she apparently fell in love with one of her suitors mere weeks into filming, quitting partway through the season.

Now, it looks as though Tayshia Adams, who was a runner up on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, will be taking Clare's place.

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Changing bachelorettes partway through the season has never been done before in Bachelor history, and given that everything is being filmed in one closed location, we arguably have fewer spoilers than ever before. But there are still a few spoilers that have slipped production's grasp.

We know Clare shackles up with contestant Dale Moss early on in the season, but who does Tayshia pick?

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We know who Tayshia's first impression rose winner is!

One of the few spoilers that has managed to make its way to the outside world is regarding the coveted first impression rose. Since Tayshia's pick is being chosen from a pool of men that Clare has already picked over, it'll definitely be a first impression rose ceremony like we've never seen before.

According to Parade, 30-year-old Spencer Robertson wins Tayshia's first impression rose. He's one of the men who made it to week two on Clare's season, and Tayshia is apparently impressed by him.

But don't get too attached to Spencer, because he apparently doesn't make it to the end. While some first impression rose winners have been lucky to make it to the final four (or in Hannah Ann Sluss' case, be the final pick), Spencer does not get as lucky. Apparently, Reality Steve has confirmed that he will not make it to the end.

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Who does Tayshia Adams pick for her final rose?

Like with every new season of Bachelor content, fans are dying to know if Tayshia gets her happily ever after and with who. While it arguably makes the season more exciting going into it, at this time, there's no information on who Tayshia picks as her final rose recipient. It seems that the final few episodes of The Bachelorette were kept largely under wraps this season, giving us no clue as to who Tayshia picked.

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That being said, we do know who makes it to Tayshia's top six. It's unclear how many of the men from Clare's season made the decision to stay and how many new men were brought on in the second half, so we don't know how many men she had to whittle down to select her final six.

We do know that when Clare made the decision to quit during the season, there were only 15 men left. 

According to Parade, Tayshia's final six men are Ben, Bennett, Blake, Ivan, Zac and Riley, though who she seems to really be falling for is still under wraps.

For now, it looks as though you'll have to wait until the season premieres on Oct. 13 on ABC to find out more about who Tayshia picks.

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