The First Blocking in Season 6 of 'The Circle' Is About Taking Down the AI (SPOILERS)

Myles is the only player on 'The Circle' who is in charge of the first blocking in Season 6.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 24 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Myles from The Circle Season 6 in front of a green wall
Source: Netflix

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 6, Episodes 1-8 of The Circle.

Shows like The Circle on Netflix have a way of drawing you in from the start and immediately forcing you to be concerned with who gets blocked, who comes back, and which players have all the power. And even before the first Season 6 elimination, viewers were clamoring to know who was blocked on The Circle and if a big move was made to get out a catfish or the resident AI contestant, Max.

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As we see by Episode 4, Max outsmarts his human co-stars by remaining undetected. And after the first batch of episodes, the players still stress over who the AI is. Eventually, Max takes himself out of the game. But before that, Myles has the pressure to choose who gets the boot first since has all of the power in this first elimination as the player voted by the other competitors as "most human."

The Circle Seasin 6 cast
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Who is blocked first on 'The Circle' Season 6?

After Myles is voted by the other players as the number one human contestant, he has to make the first blocking decision. It's all about not only choosing who should go, but who is the AI among them. And it's no secret that no one suspects Max as the AI player. It's safe to say that Max is far from Myles's radar at the end of Episode 4.

It comes down to Steffi and Paul, with some doubt for Kyle sprinkled in there. And at this point, ahead of Episode 5, Myles isn't totally off in his potential blockings. Paul is a catfish after all, since he is actually Caress playing the game as her brother from back home. Kyle isn't being 100 percent truthful about who he is either. He claims to be a single guy having fun in the game, whereas in reality, Kyle is happily married.

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Steffi from Season 6 of The Circle in front of a blue wall
Source: Netflix

Steffi is the only player on Myles's list who is genuine about who she is. But her intense and frequent astrology talk has other players worried that her knowledge stems from AI technology and not her standing as a psychic. In Episode 5, Myles comments that his "top suspects are Paul and Kyle." However, in the end, Myles goes with his stronger gut instinct, which is that Steffi is an AI player. Myles blocks Steffi, who is, in fact, 100 percent human and not AI.

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How do eliminations work on 'The Circle'?

Typically, blockings on The Circle are up to the top two players, or "influencers." Every episode or two, the players rank each other. They place their allies, or most trusted players, at the top of their lists, and the least liked or the ones they don't trust, at the bottom of their respective rankings. Then, the top two ranked players are announced as the influencers of the upcoming blocking. They have to agree on which player they block.

In Season 6, the first blocking is in the hands of just one player, Myles, but that's because of the AI twist and the subsequent AI vote to choose the "most human" player. But for the most part, the eliminations on The Circle are left up to the top two players of the most recent rankings. The pressure is still there, however, even if two players get to share in the responsibility most of the time.

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