This Famous Singer Was Behind the Broccoli Mask on 'The Masked Singer'

Guesses for Broccoli on 'The Masked Singer' ranged from famed songwriters to comedians. So who was actually behind the mask on Season 4?

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Dec. 2 2020, Updated 9:19 p.m. ET

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Update: Fans were on the right track! On Nov. 26, it was revealed that singer and songwriter Paul Anka was the voice behind the Broccoli on The Masked Singer Season 4. Keep reading to see who fans initially predicted.  

Fans always think they have The Masked Singer character identities figured out and then they’re thrown a curveball in the form of a new clue and suddenly, many aren’t so sure anymore. And before the reveal of who Broccoli is, the fan theories are already strong, as is typically the case. 

Luckily, The Masked Singer panelists do their part in playing the guessing game all season long, but the ideas about who Broccoli is range from possible to pretty unlikely.

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Then again, it is The Masked Singer, after all, and you should probably be ready to expect a reveal that you wouldn't otherwise expect from each character as he or she reveals their respective identities. It may also be the case with Broccoli, but read on to find out what fans think so far — even if none of them are right.

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What do the clues reveal about the Broccoli 'The Masked Singer?'

The thing with The Masked Singer is that no celebrity is really off the table. Over the years, contestants have been revealed to be former politicians, athletes, and top tier singers. Of course, that doesn't narrow the list down much, but the first clues about Broccoli involved a "six-pack" and being a "heart-pumping machine." 

"It ain't easy being a kid rolling with the OGs, but performing is my passion. And while I've been on many stages, I can honestly say none have excited me more than this one," Broccoli revealed further during Week 5. 

Another important clue to keep in mind when it comes to the Broccoli's identity is a roulette wheel. Interesting... 

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Guesses for the Broccoli range from Bill Murray to Martin Sheen.

As far as first impressions go, the judges guessed older entertainers such as Bill Murray and Howie Mandel. However, fans have some different predictions.

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Martin Sheen, Bert Kreischer, and Paul Anka.

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Bert Kreischer: Broccoli did call himself a heart-pumping machine, so why couldn't he be comedian Bert Kreischer aka "The Machine?" 

Plus, fans think Broccoli's letterman jacket is a reference to Rolling Stone magazine dubbing Bert "The Undergraduate" back in the day. 

Paul Anka: If we are talking about someone who has been on many stages, Paul fits the bill. The singer has sold more than  10 million albums worldwide and performed with some big names including Celine Dion and Dolly Parton. 

Plus, the Broccoli hinted that "A contest greased the wheels for my career," and we can't forget how Paul won a Campbell’s soup contest that got him to NYC. 

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Martin Sheen: During one of Broccoli's performances, fans noticed the White House in the background, prompting speculation that the green veggie is none other than West Wing star Martin Sheen. 

According to Parade magazine, Martin "knows the lyrics to and can sing—if not always on key—the majority of Frank Sinatra’s songs."

Half the fun of The Masked Singer is figuring out who is hiding under the elaborate costumes. Sometimes, fans hit the nail right on the head, while other times, they’re left as shocked as the rest of us. With the guesses about Broccoli across the board, someone *has* to be close.

Watch The Masked Singer on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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