All 'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Guesses and Reveals

Here is a complete breakdown of all 'The Masked Singer' Season 4 guesses, predictions, clues, and spoilers of the secret celebrity contestants.

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Dec. 16 2020, Updated 10:28 p.m. ET

masked singer season  guesses
Source: FOX

It's always hard to predict who is who on The Masked Singer and Season 4 isn't any different. So far, the clues have been sparse and the judges — Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ken Jeong — are guaranteed to be stumped on a few of the disguised singers. 

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As always Nick Cannon gives a few clues about each of the masked singers, and the group as a whole. This time around, the fourth season features 16 contestants who, combined, share 46 Grammy nominations, 23 platinum records, 10 Hall of Fame appearances, and one Olympic gold medal. NBD. 

So, here are the best The Masked Singer Season 4 guesses and reveals so far:

Dragon (Busta Rhymes)

dragon busta rhymes
Source: FOX / Instagram

Clues: "creative type," "imagine dragon," stocks and bonds

Reveal: The Dragon was none other than famous rapper Busta Rhymes — and both Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger guessed correctly. Before the revel, fans were convinced the Dragon was fellow rapper DMX or an NFL player.

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The Gremlin (Mickey Rourke)

gremlin mickey rourke
Source: FOX

Clues: 66.5 degrees, Gremlin manual

Reveal: During Episode 2, the Gremlin gave his first and only performance on The Masked Singer with Ben E. King's "Stand By Me." Afterwards, complaining of the heat in the costume, actor Mickey Rourke removed his mask and revealed that he was the voice behind the Gremlin

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Giraffe (Brian Austin Green)

bag giraffe
Source: fox / getty

Clues: shares something in common with a "powerful giant," career a rollercoaster of ups and downs, "music was in his blood"

Reveal: During Episode 3, Giraffe sang Kool and the Gang's "Get Down on It," but he was the one sent home. He removed his mask to reveal himself as Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Brian Austin Green.

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Baby Alien (Mark Sanchez)

baby alien sanchez
Source: fox / getty

Clues: "If you’re looking for a hint about this baby alien, all you have to do is look to the stars," the Liberty bell, martial arts, a horseshoe, a parade float

Reveal: During Episode 4, Baby Alien sang Imagine Dragons' "It's Time," and the judges' guesses were all over the place, from comedians to athletes. The man in the mask turned out to be former NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez.

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Lips (Wendy Williams)

lips wendy
Source: fox / getty

Clues: Injection, "I own who I am," "dishes go deep"

Reveal: During Episode 5, Lips sang “Native New Yorker” by Odyssey to not exactly rave reviews, leading to her elimination. As many fans guessed online, she was none other than talk show queen Wendy Williams.

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The Squiggly Monster (Bob Saget)

bob saget monster
Source: fox / getty

Clues: wild child, puppy, "I'm known for having a lot of hands to latch onto,"

Reveal: The Squiggly Monster sang the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction" during Episode 6, but he appeared to have left his audience unsatisfied. He was revealed to be comedian and Full House star Bob Saget.

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Snow Owls (Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black)

snow owls
Source: fox / getty

Clues: "You can try and figure out who we are, but as for who is more talented, it's a tie," family reunion, red rose, "magnolia"

Reveal: These songbirds sang "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion on Episode 7, and were unmasked to be country singer Clint Black and singer / actress Lisa Hartman Black.

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Whatchamacallit (Lonzo Ball)

lonzo ball whatchamacallit
Source: fox / getty

Clues: career had a "magical start, "I can dance with the stars, surf candy bars, buzz with the bees and swing from the keys," shrimp, khakis, a triangle, "4.0"

Reveal: In an double elimination in Episode 8, Whatchamacallit came out singing Terror Squad, Fat Joe, and Remy Ma's "Lean Back," but unfortunately got the boot. He was unmasked as NBA point guard and rapper Lonzo Ball.

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Serpent (Dr. Elvis Francois)

dr elvis serpent
Source: fox / instagram

Clues: "instantly appeared," 31118, prescription number, banana, map of the Caribbean, book titled How to Dig Yourself Out of Debt, musicology 

Reveal: The Serpent sang the Jonas Brothers' "Cool," but received the second elimination of Episode 8. He was revealed to be viral singing sensation Dr. Elvis Francois, who is known online as the "Singing Surgeon" and who happens to actually be an orthopedic surgeon.

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Broccoli (Paul Anka)

brocolli masked singer paul anka
Source: FOX / Getty

Clues: Letterman jacket, "lean, mean heart-pumping machine," "six-pack," roulette wheel

Reveal: After singing "Old Time Rock & Roll," the singer underneath the green veggie was revealed to be legend Paul Anka. Robin Thicke was the only judge to guess his identity correctly. 

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Popcorn (Taylor Dayne)

popcorn taylor dayne
Source: fox / getty

Clues: "dynamic, delightful, and divalicious," "mirror, mirror on the wall," a tiger, goldfish with hoops, jeweled starfish, welcome to the hood, a Proud Merry Go Round

Reveal: After singing Tina Turner's "Better Be Good to Me" on Episode 10, Popcorn was eliminated and revealed to be singer and '80s icon Taylor Dayne.

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The Jellyfish (Chloe Kim)

jellyfish taylor dayne
Source: fox / getty

Clues: "brrrr," cold-blooded, glowing flow

Reveal: The Jellyfish was also kicked off on Episode 10, after singing Rihanna and Mikky Ekko's "Stay." She was revealed to be Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Chloe Kim.

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Seahorse (Tori Kelly)

seahorse tori kelly
Source: fox / getty

Clues: "Living in the ocean can be dangerous so it’s always good to find a quiet place to hide," poodles, tea, a hog with warts, Emotion Ocean

Reveal: Another sea creature went home in Episode 10, when the Seahorse performed Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like." She was unmasked to be pop singer Tori Kelly.

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The Crocodile (Nick Carter)

crocodile nick carter
Source: fox / getty

Clues: tic-tac-toe, "a special set of keys reversed my game forever," grew up in Hollywood, a hotel, a fish in half a pineapple, a rainbow, an Italian flag

Reveal: On the Season 4 finale, the Crocodile came in third place and was revealed to be Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

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The Mushroom (Aloe Blacc)

mushroom aloe blacc
Source: fox / getty

Clues: explore another side of yourself, "who's under my hats?"

Reveal: Coming in second place was the Mushroom, who was revealed to be singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc.

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The Sun (LeAnn Rimes)

sun leann rimes
Source: fox / getty

Clues: shines like a "torch" even through a "freezing winter," period of darkness, Disney logo, "Forzen"

Reveal: The Season 4 winner was the Sun, who turned out to be singer and actress LeAnn Rimes. 

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