Fans Will Finally Get to See Godspeed on 'The Flash' — Who Is the Real Villain?

Arrowverse's real Godspeed is officially coming to 'The Flash' Season 7, but who will be behind the mask of the iconic DC Comics speedster villain?

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Jul. 6 2021, Updated 1:48 p.m. ET

Barry looking for someone on The Flash.
Source: The CW

The CW's action-filled drama The Flash will finally tackle Godspeed as the series begins wrapping up its seventh season. Over the years, The Flash (Grant Gustin) has faced off against some pretty iconic DC Comics villains from Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh), two versions of Mirror Master (Grey Damon and Efrat Dor), and Savitar, also played by Grant Gustin. Despite some close run-ins, Barry Allen has yet to face off against the real August Heart, aka Godspeed.

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In Season 5 of The Flash, the original character Godspeed was introduced when Barry and Iris West-Allen's (Candice Patton) daughter Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) defeated the white-and-gold clad Goldspeed in a time jump that took fans to 2049. In Season 6, Team Flash contended with several Godspeed droid replicas. But Team Flash has not encountered him in the present day.

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Source: The CW
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Showrunner Eric Wallace teased the story development of Godspeed in an interview with TVLine, and when asked if audiences would see the "real" character, he disclosed, "Yes, you just might. Because that's where we're going!"

It appears the Flash family will confront Godspeed in the show's 150th episode titled "Heart of the Matter, Part 1," which will air in July. Episode 17 will serve as the first half of the season finale. So who is Godspeed in The Flash? Keep reading to find out all we know.

Who is Godspeed in the CW series 'The Flash'?

The Flash will focus entirely on Godspeed as the final villain in Season 7. Even though Godspeed arrived in Season 5 of The Flash as part of Nora’s 2049 timeline, that doesn't mean it will necessarily be the same reprise. In the DC folklore, August Heart was a good friend and colleague of Barry’s at the Central City Police Department (CCPD) before he was turned into Godspeed by a Speed Force storm.

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For a long time, nobody knew who the real Godspeed would be on the television series, though he was voiced by B.D. Wong. Ahead of the two-part Season 7 finale, which will air on July 13 and on July 20, it was revealed that the character would be played by Karan Oberoi.

Karan previously appeared on Roswell, New Mexico as Noah Bracken, and as Osman on Counterpart.

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The description for the two-part finale, "Heart of the Matter," confirmed Karan's role on The Flash. It also corroborated that Jordan Fisher would play Bart Allen aka Impulse, the son of Barry and Iris.

"The Flash (Grant Gustin) enlists a host of speedster allies, including Iris (Candice Patton) and his children from the future — Bart (guest star Jordan Fisher) and Nora West-Allen (guest star Jessica Parker Kennedy) — to end the speedster war and defeat a deadly new adversary: the villainous Godspeed (guest star Karan Oberoi)."

Is Godspeed faster than the Flash?

Barry is definitely going to need Bart's help in defeating Godspeed because the villain is actually faster than the Flash, despite the superhero claiming to be the fastest man alive. The reason why? His connection to the Speed Force is pure enough that he can sense speed in others and extract it for himself. When he battles other speedsters in the comics, he's able to take power from them to become faster.

The Flash airs on the CW every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.

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