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Madison Beer Is Rumored to Be Dating TikTok Star Nick Austin


Jan. 21 2021, Published 4:19 p.m. ET

Singer extraordinaire Madison Beer has been linked to some pretty famous guys in her romantic life. She's dated David Beckham's son, Brooklyn, and even had a flirtationship with David Dobrik. But now, Madison has been rumored to have someone new in her life. She's rumored to be dating TikTok star Nick Austin. 

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How did Madison and Nick's dating rumors start?

Dating rumors between Madison and Nick started in August 2020. The Daily Mail reports that the two of them were looking cute and cozy together at the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood. Nick was caught with his arm around her. They've been caught together a few times since then. Mostly, they've been spotted eating out. 

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Back in September 2020, Madison was seen with Nick on a double date in L.A. The group got together at Nobu Malibu. The Daily Mail also reports that the two had been spotted together a lot around that time. 

Has Madison Beer or Nick Austin confirmed a relationship?

Even though neither of them has confirmed or denied a relationship, Nick did have a few sweet words about Madison when he spoke to The Hollywood Fix. Back in August 2020, he was spotted heading to a friend's birthday party when he was asked about Madison. 

Nick said, "She's gorgeous" when he was asked about commenting on her social media. 

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Madison Beer's music video for 'Boys-it' comes out in January 2021.

Madison gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her latest music video for "Boys-it." On Instagram, she posted a super feminine pic of herself sitting on a pastel pink couch and speaking into a phone. The song talks about a pretty bad relationship with a guy. 

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Although Madison has yet to release her first studio album, she did release an EP called "As She Pleases" in 2017. Her first album title "Life Support" is scheduled to be released in February 2021, even though she's said COVID has already caused her to push the release date back. 

In an interview with 102.7 KIIS FM, she said, "COVID really kind of set it back a lot but we’re getting it out at the top of 2021… I’m super pumped to get it out there."

In the interview, Madison also talks about why she titled the album "Life Support." "I was going through a really tough time mentally and it was the only thing giving me hope… It was literally like life support for me."

In August 2020, Madison had an interview with The Face where she talked about living with her mental illness. “It was a hell of a year for me,” she said.

"I did go through a break-up, but I didn’t want to make a break-up album because I felt like that was so shallow. That was only one part of a big story, the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t really opened up publicly about a lot of the stuff [I was going through], but I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder."

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