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Source: Netflix

Rahim Plays a New Student in 'Sex Education' Season 2, but Don't Get Too Attached Just Yet


When Sex Education premiered on Netflix in 2019, it didn’t take long for viewers to fall for Otis, Eric, and Maeve. The show didn't necessarily need any new additions, but Rahim in Sex Education Season 2 is definitely going to have fans talking. He is the newest student at school and a transplant from France, so already, he has that going for him. But because he is obviously going to serve a much larger purpose, though, viewers may be wondering who Rahim is.

When Season 1 left off, Eric was confused over his feelings for Adam and vice versa. Elsewhere, Aimee had fully moved on from Adam and Maeve and Otis’s friendship got a million times more complicated. She realized her feelings for him, but saw him kissing Ola. Jackson was still in love with Maeve and wasn't about to give up on that anytime soon. And overall, it’s still a big mess. Adding another character into the fold will likely complicate things further, but fans are here for the drama.