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The Sloth on 'The Masked Dancer' Is Still a Huge Mystery to Viewers



Viewers eat up the mystery and constant guessing game that is The Masked Singer, so it's no wonder that many theories have already come out about the contestants on The Masked Dancer, including the Sloth.

Even with just a couple of clues to go on so far, viewers have managed to dredge up a few guesses and a few confident claims that they know who is hiding behind the furry costume and solid dance moves.

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The Disco Ball was the first dancer who was eliminated on The Masked Dancer. It turned out that, lurking beneath the probably ridiculously hot and heavy costume, was none other than actor and rapper Ice-T. Because he was revealed, he was out, but there are still plenty of costumed dancers left for fans and panelists to try and figure out by the end of the season. And the Sloth is one of them.

Source: FOX
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Who is the Sloth on 'The Masked Dancer'?

During the 8-second clip released ahead of the Sloth's introduction on The Masked Dancer, not much was revealed. It was meant to be a simple teaser, and that's just what it was. And the person hiding their identity under the mask and costume could be literally anyone right now.

In the past on The Masked Singer, contestants have been revealed to be actors, athletes, singers, and reality TV personalities. So as of right now, no one is positive about the Sloth's identity on The Masked Dancer.

But there are a couple of clues about who the Sloth might be.

If you look at the video featuring the Sloth before their debut on The Masked Dancer, however, you might be able to decipher a few clues. The Sloth wears workout clothes and jumps up high. Could it mean the Sloth is a professional athlete of some kind?

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Then again, they might also be a professional dancer. If the Sloth isn't revealed right away, it will get easier to guess who the contestant behind the mask might be as we get more clues.

Their dance moves might also give them away. If they are particularly light on their feet, then the Sloth might be someone experienced in dancing. If they seem a little clumsy, they might not be a professional athlete or dancer.

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Some 'Masked Dancer' fans already think they know who the Sloth is.

Someone on YouTube guessed that the Sloth on The Masked Dancer is Derek Hough. As a professional dancer, it wouldn't be surprising to see him pop up on the show at some point, and the easy way that the Sloth moves could point to Derek. 

Someone on Instagram thinks that the Sloth is Dax Shepard, which would be a surprising reveal, given the Sloth's apparent athletic ability. But as a reputable funny guy, Dax kind of makes sense too.

The Sloth could also be an Olympic athlete of some kind since it hasn't been uncommon for more famous Olympic stars to appear on reality competition shows in the past. One thing that seems apparent, however, is that the Sloth can already bust a move (and that seems to be a huge clue in itself).

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