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A spin-off of The Masked Singer, the reality series The Masked Dancer takes celebrity contestants as they perform while hidden under elaborate costumes. Hosted by Craig Robinson, the show features performances by the mystery dancers, whose identities are guessed by the judges (Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale). 

Past contestants have included Jordin Sparks, Bill Nye, and Ice T.

Network: FOX

First Episode Date: December 27, 2020


  • Craig Robinson
  • Paula Abdul
  • Ken Jeong
  • Ashley Tisdale 
  • Brian Austin Green

Where to Watch: Fox Now, Hulu

Latest The Masked Dancer News and Updates

  • the-masked-singer-season-7-rudy-giuliani
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    Two Judges on 'The Masked Singer' Walked off Set After This Contestant Was Revealed (SPOILERS)

    Reports have emerged that Rudy Giuliani's appearance on Season 7 of FOX's hit show 'The Masked Singer' sparked outrage from some of the series' judges.
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    The Caterpillar on 'The Masked Singer' Is This 'Queer Eye' Star (SPOILERS)

    Who is Caterpillar on 'The Masked Singer'? This Wild Card is new for Season 6. Here's a look at the clues, guesses, and reveal for who's behind the mask.
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    Are You a Diehard Fan of ‘The Masked Singer’? Here’s How You Can Be an Audience Member

    Fox's cooky competition reality show 'The Masked Singer' has been entertaining fans for six seasons. Here's how you can be a Season 7 audience member.
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    Brent Draper Shares the Real Reason Why He Left 'MasterChef' Midseason

    Why did Brent Draper leave 'MasterChef Australia' in Season 13? Brent got candid about his exit from 'MasterChef' in an Instagram video.
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  • The Cotton Candy on The Masked Dancer

    Cotton Candy on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Is This Olympian (SPOILERS)

    Who is Cotton Candy on ‘The Masked Dancer’? Read clues and see fans’ guesses about the mystery celebrity, and find out who was in the mask.
    By Dan Clarendon
  • The Masked Dancer contestant

    Here Are All the Celebs Who Donned a Mask on 'The Masked Dancer' Season 1

    'The Masked Dancer' Season 1 reveals — find out which celebrities have been unmasked on the show and how their clues hinted at their identities.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • The sloth on The Masked Dancer

    The Sloth on 'The Masked Dancer' Is This 'Dancing With the Stars' Alum (SPOILERS)

    Viewers already had some guesses about who the Sloth on 'The Masked Dancer' is and it turns out that they just might have guessed it. So, who is it?
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    Fans Knew Who the Tap-Dancing Tulip Was on 'The Masked Dancer' All Along (SPOILERS)

    Fans guessed early on that this professional dancer was behind the Tulip mask on 'The Masked Dancer.' Were they right? Spoilers inside.
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    'The Masked Dancer' Is a Spin-Off of Your Favorite Reality Series

    'Masked Singer' fans are anticipating a new spin-off series, as 'Masked Dancer' season one has officially been confirmed — here's what we know.
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    Does 'The Masked Dancer' Have a Live Audience?

    There's a new competition show on Fox, a popular show's spin-off, but people want to know: Does 'The Masked Dancer' have a live audience?
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  • Ice Cube on The Masked Dancer

    The Ice Cube on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Is Everyone's Favorite Science Guy!

    Who is the Ice Cube on ‘The Masked Dancer’? Fox’s ‘Masked Singer’ spinoff unmasked this dancer in a recent episode. Who was it?
    By Dan Clarendon
  • Miss Moth on The Masked Dancer

    Miss Moth on 'The Masked Dancer' Was Revealed to Be [SPOILER]

    Who Is Miss Moth on 'The Masked Dancer’? The contestant is set to make her debut on the Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 episode of the show as part of Group B.
    By Leila Kozma
  • The Cricket on The Masked Dancer

    The Cricket on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Is Revealed! It's This 16-time Grammy Nominee!

    Who is the Cricket on ‘The Masked Dancer’? The disguised star dropped clues the Fox reality show’s Dec. 27 premiere, and fans already have guesses.
    By Dan Clarendon
  • The Hammerhead Shark on The Masked Dancer

    The Identity of the Hammerhead on 'The Masked Dancer' Was Actually Pretty Obvious

    Who is the Hammerhead ‘The Masked Dancer’? Fox has been dropping clues online, and fans already have guesses about the secret celeb dancers.
    By Dan Clarendon
  • 'The Masked Dancer'

    ‘The Masked Dancer’ Was Actually Filmed Months Before It Aired

    When was ‘The Masked Dancer’ filmed? Learn more about the dancing competition show and the safety protocols producers used to keep participants safe.
    By Dan Clarendon
  • Exotic Bird on The Masked Dancer

    Paula Abdul Was Very Familiar With the Exotic Bird on 'The Masked Dancer' (SPOILERS)

    It turns out that this 'American Idol' alum was behind the mask of the Exotic Bird on 'The Masked Dancer.' Read on for spoilers and clues.
    By Anna Garrison
  • The Zebra on 'The Masked Dancer'

    This Boxing Legend Was the Man in the Zebra Mask on 'The Masked Dancer' (SPOILERS)

    Who is the Zebra on 'The Masked Dancer'? While making guesses on 'The Masked Singer' is tough, it pales in comparison to the dance series.
    By Shannon Raphael
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