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Source: FOX

Every Clue So Far on Who the Turtle Is on 'The Masked Singer'


The only thing better than watching the different performances on The Masked Singer is trying to figure out who the mysterious performers are. The first two seasons brought plenty of guessing games among fans and the newest season is already no different. Season 3 premiered after the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2020 and naturally, viewers are already itching to figure out who the turtle is on The Masked Singer.

Six new mysterious costumed contestants made their debut in the Season 3 premiere and right now, the turtle is among the most popular for longtime viewers. There are already fan theories floating around about who is behind the mask and thanks to the plethora of clues available so far, there are plenty of possibilities about who the turtle will turn out to be.

Source: FOX

Who is the turtle on 'The Masked Singer'? Viewers think it’s a singer in real life too.

As soon as the turtle opened his mouth to sing on The Masked Singer Season 3 premiere, fans took to Twitter to insist that he has done this before, in some capacity. Past masked singers have been comedians, athletes, and actors, but some have been singers in real life. And with the turtle, thanks to those singing chops, it seems as though he is a singer outside of the show as well.

The surfboard could point to a particular singer.

One of the clues in the turtle's intro package was a surfboard, which he was shown waxing. In fact, his whole thing seemed to be about summer. Some fans are convinced that means he is singer/actor Jesse McCartney. Jesse was not only on the primetime drama Summerland back in the day, but he has also won multiple Teen Choice Awards, which come in the form of a surfboard. This could mean that Jesse is the turtle on The Masked Singer.

Source: FOX

There are punk rock elements in the turtle’s costume on 'The Masked Singer.'

Then again, the punk rock elements in the turtle’s costume are hard to ignore. He definitely seems like more of a hardened turtle rather than one who made a career out of pop ballads. If that’s the case, then the turtle could be a singer known for pop-punk or even rock. He would have to be someone well-known and current enough to make the big reveal worth it, but the clothing of choice on the singing masked turtle is another clue.

The turtle’s start in show business was competitive.

Another clue the turtle gave away in his clue package on The Masked Singer was the fact that when he started out in the business, there was an air of competitiveness around him with other performers. While this can be said for any career in show business, it could mean the turtle got his start on American Idol or another similar reality competition series. That would open the door for the identity of the turtle to be almost anyone who performed on a show like American Idol in the past decade.

He might be from an older boy band.

The turtle’s clue package also said that he moved through the business "step by step." It’s also the name of a song and album by New Kids on the Block, meaning that someone from the iconic boy band could very well be behind the turtle mask. For now, the identity of the turtle on The Masked Singer could be essentially anyone. But it’s hard not to guess who he is until more clues are revealed.

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