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Source: AMC

Who Plays Lydia on 'The Walking Dead'? All You Need to Know About the Actress Behind Public Enemy Number One


This season on The Walking Dead, the Whisperers are more menacing than ever. When you have a former Whisperer in the midst of the more civilized survivors, it’s bound to get ugly. And the actress who plays Lydia on The Walking Dead does it with the right amount of fearlessness and vulnerability. Lydia can seem both harmless and terrifying at the same time. Maybe it has something to do with eating worms dug up straight from the dirt, but the actress deserves most of the credit for her execution.

Who plays Lydia on The Walking Dead?

Cassady McClincy was cast as Lydia after several months of audition tapes and not knowing if she had the part. But the young actress was chosen to portray the formerly feral Whisperer who comic book fans already knew well before her show debut. And even if you had never seen Cassady in movies or on TV before this, The Walking Dead isn't her first foray into show business.