The Book From 'Fear Street Part 3' Leaves Potential for More Witchcraft (SPOILERS)

The 'Fear Street' trilogy on Netflix has come to a close, but who took the witch's book at the end of 'Fear Street Part 3?' Here's what we know.


Jul. 17 2021, Published 4:20 p.m. ET

'Fear Street Part 3: 1666'
Source: Netflix

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the Fear Street Trilogy.

The highly successful Netflix horror trilogy Fear Street has finally reached its epic conclusion. The third installment of the trilogy, Fear Street Part 3: 1666, wraps up the mystery plaguing its protagonists. However, a few loose ends from the finale have fans curious. The biggest question on the audience's minds is: Who took the book of witchcraft at the end of Fear Street Part 3?

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Nurse Lane's conspiracy book from 'Fear Street Part Two.'
Source: Netflix

A version of the book from 'Fear Street Part 3' has been passed around to several characters throughout the course of the films.

The first hint about the witch's book was in Fear Street Part 1 when adult Ziggy Berman was revealed to have kept a homemade version from her experiences in Fear Street Part 2. Deena's brother, Josh, has crafted his own, but the book Josh has is more focused on the connections between murders in different periods.

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Ziggy's book is the same book that belonged to former Nurse Lane in Fear Street Part 2, who was trying to piece together why her typically well-behaved daughter had gone on a murder spree based on news clippings and witchcraft. It is Nurse Lane's book that leads Cindy Berman and Alice to the discovery of Sarah Fier's remains and her altar. Ziggy inherits the book when her sister Cindy dies in hopes of one day defeating the curse on Shadyside.

The witch's mark from 'Fear Street Part Three.'
Source: Netflix
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The events of Fear Street Part 3 begin in 1666 to show the root of Sarah Fier's curse. The real book of witchcraft belongs to the local widow, who is portrayed by the same actress as Nurse Lane. However, it is revealed that the widow isn't the only one performing witchcraft, and Solomon Goode — an ancestor of Sheriff Nick Goode — is the actual root of the curse.

In the second half of Fear Street Part 3, which takes place in 1994, the main characters are desperately trying to stop the curse on Shadyside. They decide that the best way to attempt this is to lure Nick Goode, a descendant of Solomon Goode, to the location of Sarah's burial and kill him to end the curse once and for all.

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Deena Johnson/Sarah Fier in 'Fear Street Part Three.'
Source: Netflix

While the group is successful in their endeavor, the mid-credits scene has left viewers with questions. A mysterious figure takes the book, leaving fans to wonder if there will be more films in the Fear Street trilogy. While there are currently no plans for any additions to the Fear Street trilogy as it stands, Director Leigh Janiak explained to Den of Geek that the trilogy was set up to open the possibility of a larger universe.

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'Fear Street Part Three: 1666.'
Source: Netflix

Leigh said, "I remember one of the first conversations that I had with my producers, when I was pitching what I thought was the potential of this series, I was like, ‘You have here the potential to have like a Marvel universe that is horror.’ We can tell the story of these other slasher killers in these other eras. We can build out the universe of Shadyside because evil doesn’t go away." 

Never fear, horror fans! There could be more Fear Street on the way—the widow's book is still out in the world.

You can stream the entire Fear Street trilogy now on Netflix.

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