Rick Edwards and Ms. Nicole Rémy
Source: USA Network / Sean Gleason

Rick Edwards and Ms. Nicole Rémy before a Farewell Dance on 'The Courtship.'

Rick Edwards Teases More Shocking Moments on 'The Courtship': "People Will Be Quite Gobsmacked" (EXCLUSIVE)


Apr. 7 2022, Updated 5:20 p.m. ET

Ms. Nicole Rémy’s time as the heroine on the debut season of The Courtship is far from over, but the software engineer is already forging strong and undeniable connections with a few of her suitors.

The USA Network series follows Ms. Rémy as she looks for love with one (or multiple!) of her suitors in a Regency-era setting. While modern dating can be complicated by swiping on apps or sliding into DMs, Ms. Rémy is looking to be wooed in a more traditional manner — through letter writing, formal dates, and epic Farewell Dances.

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Since the show is in its debut season, viewers have yet to find out if Ms. Rémy will leave Castle Howard as an engaged woman, or if she’ll simply be deciding who to court outside of the show.

Rick Edwards, who hosts the reality dating series, spoke with Distractify about why fans will be "gobsmacked" throughout the rest of the season, and why Ms. Rémy’s choices surprised him until the very end.

Rick Edwards and Ms. Nicole Rémy on 'The Courtship.'
Source: USA Network / Sean Gleason

Rick Edwards and Ms. Nicole Rémy on 'The Courtship.'

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Who wins 'The Courtship'? Rick Edwards was "surprised" by the conclusion.

The Season 1 heroine spends time with each suitor during group dates and on the occasional 1-on-1, but there have been a few standout suitors from the start.

Mr. Danny Bochicchio has been a frontrunner ever since he secured the first 1-on-1 date, and Ms. Rémy has also discussed her attractions to Mr. Lincoln Chapman and to Mr. Jesse Judge on the show. Though many have made predictions about who will win The Courtship, Rick teased that viewers will likely be surprised by Ms. Rémy's final decision.

"People will be quite gobsmacked by a couple of moments in this series," the host said during his chat with Distractify about what fans can expect to see from the rest of the season.

The goal of any dating series is to keep the viewers guessing until the very end, but Rick genuinely did not know in which direction Ms. Rémy was going to go.

"The last thing you want is for it to be obvious from the get-go, who she's going to end up with," Rick explained.

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Rick noted that he had frank discussions with the production team throughout Ms. Rémy's time as the lead, and said that they were all surprised by how things turned out.

"We would all inevitably talk about it, and who we thought was going to win her heart in the end changed, honestly, five or six times, which is really weird," the Brit shared.

Ms. Nicole Rémy
Source: USA Network / Sean Gleason

Ms. Nicole Rémy on the grounds of Castle Howard.

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Even as Ms. Rémy narrowed down her list of suitors through her dance-card eliminations, Rick found that he couldn't predict what she would do.

"I was surprised. As you get towards the end, you inevitably have a bit more of an idea," Rick added. "But, even then, I wasn't entirely sure."

'The Courtship' host teased that there would be more "explosive" drama among the suitors as the season progresses.

Unlike the contestants featured on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, the suitors on The Courtship do seem to get along for the most part. However, viewers caught wind of a fracture in the group during the April 6 episode.

After Mr. Bochicchio interrupted a group dinner date (which he was not invited to), some of the gentlemen expressed their disappointment with his actions. Captain Danny Kim said that he had "different values" than Mr. Bochicchio, to which the real estate agent responded that the military vet was only there to become "friends with guys."

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For the time being, it seems like the two were able to patch up their issues, but Rick teased that there would be more drama with the group as the season progresses, and as their connections to Ms. Rémy get stronger.

"Most of the suitors get on with one another," Rick said. "However, there are some who really don't, for various reasons, and that gets quite explosive."

'The Courtship' suitors.
Source: USA Network / Sean Gleason

'The Courtship' Season 1 suitors on the fifth episode.

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The Eureka! podcast host noted that there was an initial divide between the original suitors and the new additions (Mr. Judge and Dr. Hatem; the latter was eliminated at the end of the April 6 episode), but that lot of the drama revolved around the ways in which certain people were looking to further their connections with Ms. Rémy.

"As the show proceeds, some of the guys just really start to ramp up their efforts in a way that some of the others just think is not really playing by the rules," Rick said, alluding to the drama between Captain Kim and Mr. Bochicchio.

While their tense interaction affected the group dynamic heading into the Farewell Dance, Rick shared that things will only get "increasingly more lively" as the show goes on.

How will the drama play out, and who will Ms. Rémy pick to win her heart? You'll have to tune in to find out.

The Courtship airs on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. EST on USA Network. You can also stream new episodes on Thursdays on Peacock.

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