The "Sia Award" Went to These Three Contestants From 'Survivor 44'

Who won the Sia Award on 'Survivor'? The musician Sia has a tradition of gifting money to contestants who don’t win the big prize.

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May 25 2023, Updated 4:50 p.m. ET

final five contestants of survivor season 44
Source: CBS

Another Season of Survivor is in the books, and while we couldn't be happier for this season's winner, there are still a few loose ends to tie up before we're ready to move on to Season 45.

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Specifically: Who won the Sia Award this year? For anyone who's unfamiliar, Sia (yes, the musician) is a huge fan of the show and has traditionally gifted money to one or more players from each season for several years now — just because she can! Who won this year?

carolyn wiger, carson garrett, and lauren harpe
Source: CBS
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Carolyn Wiger, Carson Garrett, and Lauren Harpe received the "Sia Award" for Season 44 of 'Survivor.'

On May 25, 2023, third-place contestant and fan favorite Carolyn Wiger did an interview with Rob Cesternino for his podcast Rob Has a Podcast. While they were filming their talk, Sia surprised Carolyn by jumping in and telling her that she was gifting Carolyn $100,000. Carolyn reacted in a very Carolyn way. Check out the clip here:

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Although Carolyn (somehow!) left the finale with zero votes, she will also receive $85,000 for coming in third place on the show. Even after taxes, that's not too shabby for 26 days of work in Fiji.

In addition to gifting Carolyn $100,000, Sia also reached out to both Carson Garrett and Lauren Harpe and gave them $15,000 each (and their monetary gifts are tax-free!).

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What is the "Sia Award" on 'Survivor'?

The Sia Award is one of our favorite parts of the game — and it’s not even technically a real part of the game. Basically, Sia is a huge fan of the show. To celebrate her love of the show, she sometimes gives players in the game money.

It all started during Survivor: Kaoh Rong. According to Jeff, Sia texted him from the audience while they were filming the live finale saying, “I want to give some money to a player! Right now, during the reunion.”

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Mark the chicken in 'Survivor'
Source: CBS

The player in question was Tai Trang, who had saved a chicken from being eaten, named it Mark (after Survivor producer Mark Burnett), and released it after the Final Tribal Council. Sia donated $50,000 to Tai and another $50,000 to an animal charity because of their mutual love for animals.

Since then, Sia has awarded several other players various dollar amounts based on her admiration for them (and the entertainment value they provide).

Here's a list of all of the "Sia Award" winners on 'Survivor.'

  • Season 32 (Koah Rong) — Tai Trang — $50,000 (plus $50,000 to charity)
  • Season 36 (Ghost Island) — Donathan Hurley — $14,000
  • Season 37 (David vs. Goliath) — Davie Rickenbacker — $14,000
  • Season 38 (Edge of Extinction) — Rick Devens ($100,000), Aurora McCreary ($15,000), Joe Anglim ($15,000 to charity)
  • Season 39 (Island of the Idols) — Janet Carbin ($100,000), Elaine Stott ($100,000), Jamal Shipman ($15,000)
  • Season 42 — Drea Wheeler — $100,000
  • Season 43 — Jesse Lopez ($100,000), Owen Knight ($50,000), Ryan Medrano ($50,000)
  • Season 44 — Carolyn Wiger ($100,000), Carson Garrett ($15,000), Lauren Harpe ($15,000)
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