Did Your BeReal Not Go off Today? Here's Why That Notification Never Came

Kelly Corbett - Author

May 11 2023, Published 11:24 a.m. ET

Source: Facebook / BeReal

In 2020, the BeReal app was introduced to the world, and social media suddenly became just a little more authentic. As a refresher, the photo-sharing app encourages users to share a photo of themselves and their immediate surroundings within a randomly selected two-minute period. Yup, just 120 seconds to pause what you're doing and take pictures of your whereabouts — however strange they may be.

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Every day the time changes so, hopefully, you're not doing anything that scandalous when it goes off. Or maybe you are. That only makes the platform all the more fun!

But every now and then BeReal hits a snag and things don't go as planned. Did your BeReal not go off today? Here's why.

be real photo of someone skiing
Source: Facebook / BeReal
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Why did BeReal not go off today?

Since BeReal is one of the newer social media platforms, it's likely that it will experience glitches from time to time. If you didn't receive a notification today, it may be because the servers may be down or there is a bug.

The first thing to do if you notice the BeReal app hasn't gone off all day is to check the brand's Twitter. Usually, if something is wrong, the brand will update its users there. You can do a general search of BeReal on Twitter to see if other users are tweeting about it not working. And of course, it never hurts to ask a friend if their BeReal went off that day.

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Just know that when BeReal has difficulties, its team is working hard to get everything back up and running. The app has never been down for more than a day. So rest assured, it will be back soon!

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Instagram is testing its own version of BeReal dubbed Instagram Candid Challenges.

The good news is that if BeReal does go down, there may soon be an alternative program to use. Instagram has been working on a new feature called Instagram Candid Challenges, which would send users a daily notification at any given time to capture a photo in two minutes.

A man named Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer known for discovering unreleased features and app updates shared this news on Twitter in August 2022, but there haven't been any updates since on the status of Instagram Candid Challenges.

Hopefully, we'll hear more on this soon so we can always BeReal and/or candid.

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