What Does Remix Mean on Instagram and How To Do It

Melissa Willets - Author

Apr. 19 2023, Published 12:28 p.m. ET

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Remix is to Instagram what stitch is to TikTok. As many users know, when you want to include someone else's TikTok to share your reaction, you stitch the creations together.

Likewise, Remix on Instagram allows users to employ similar functionality.

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Ahead, we'll explain exactly what remix means on Instagram, as well as how to use the feature on both iPhone and Android. Ready to get started?

S, what exactly does remix mean on Instagram?

If you want to create a reel featuring content from another user's Instagram, you can employ the remix feature. You can remix a reel using photo or video from anyone's account — although Instagram acknowledges that the feature is not available for everyone currently.

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The cool thing is that you can create a remix reel that features another user's content either in a side-by-side fashion, or after what you create. Simply search "remix reels" on Instagram to see examples of this feature in full effect.

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Naturally, you want to know how to create a remix. The process is simple, but slightly different depending on if you are using your app on an iPhone or an Android device.

How to remix on Android.

On Android, you will tap the three vertical dots at the bottom of the reel you are looking to remix, then tap "Remix." Then, select if you want your content to appear at the same time as the original content, or if your content will appear after the reel you are selecting.

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A side-by-side reel will place your content on the right, while the original reel appears on the left. You can record your content while the original reel is playing and you'll see the layout simultaneously.

If you choose to record your content after the original reel, you can still trim the length using the slider.

Meanwhile, you can also remix a post that features a photo, which will become the background for your reel. This can be changed by tapping "Layout," moving the post to different positions in your new content.

Much like TikTok, you can add stickers and voiceovers to the original reel.

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How to remix on iPhone.

There's not too much of a difference when you are remixing on Instagram as an iPhone user. Instead of three vertical dots at the bottom of a post or reel, you'll see three horizontal dots.

The rest of the instructions are the same. You can remix a reel or post and add effects — although you cannot change the audio of the original reel you are remixing, naturally.

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Not everyone is a fan of the remix function, meanwhile. Some users aren't sure what the point is — maybe because this feature seems to just turn your Instagram into a TikTok.

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But since TikTok may be banned at some point in the future, with Montana becoming the first state to officially enact a TikTok ban, perhaps remixing an Instagram post will become a more popular functionality!

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