Charli D'Amelio Had Nose Surgery to Fix an Issue That Began Almost a Year Ago

Charli D'Amelio is recovering from nose surgery after explaining to her fans that she was fixing a breathing issue she'd had for almost a year.


Jul. 21 2020, Updated 10:07 a.m. ET

Because she's one of the most popular people on the platform, plenty of TikTok users were freaked out when Charli D'Amelio recently posted a video of herself in the hospital. In the video, Charli can be seen with tape, gauze, and blood on her nose, and fans were understandably concerned about what the video might mean for Charli's health. As it turns out, she was actually in the hospital for surgery. 

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What was Charli D'Amelio's surgery for?

As the TikTok star explained, Charli was in the hospital to have surgery that was designed to resolve a breathing issue she's had for almost a year. The issue stems from August of last year when Charli broke her nose. Since then, she's apparently had trouble breathing through her nose, although hopefully, those issues are behind her now. 

Source: Twitter
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Some thought that Charli D'Amelio had gotten a nose job.

Although the surgery was all about helping her breathe better, there were some fans who believed that the TikTok star had gotten a nose job. That wasn't ultimately the case, but Charli wouldn't be the first celebrity to get some work done at a fairly young age. Thus far, though, it seems that the internet phenomenon has avoided surgical work. 

Charli was recently recruited to promote social distancing.

Governor Mike DeWine, who has been handling the response to the coronavirus in Ohio, recently recruited Charli as part of an effort to reach young people and encourage them to participate in social distancing. She got a call from Mike asking her to participate in the campaign, and she only had one condition: the campaign had to have a charitable component. Once they agreed, Charli got to work. 

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The influencer choreographed a viral dance designed to promote social distancing, and posted it at the end of March. The video spawned more than 3 million copycats who were imitating Charli's choreography, and had a real impact in improving conditions in Ohio. “It just took off. It’s absolutely crazy, the number of people who have seen it,” Mike said after Charli posted the clip. 

Source: Twitter
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Charli led a pretty normal life before she became famous on TikTok.

Although she's now one of the platform's most popular and powerful users, Charli wasn't born into a famous family. “My life before TikTok was very normal,” she told The Washington Post. “I would go to school, go to dance, do my homework and go to bed. It was pretty much like every other teenager’s." Initially, she saw TikTok as a place where she could be creative and express herself. 

Charli gained followers quickly.

After posting one viral video after another, things in Charli's life began to change quickly. Suddenly, she was a viral sensation in need of a publicist and representation. As she's risen to fame, she's had plenty of opportunities for profit, but perhaps her favorite moment thus far was a chance to meet and dance with Jennifer Lopez during the Super Bowl. 

“I told myself, ‘Don’t cry. You’re going to ruin every picture you take,’” she said. Ultimately, though, she said she was unable to hold back the tears. Thankfully, J-Lo was willing to offer Charli a hug in return. 

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