Grant Horvat Had a Various Reasons for Leaving Good Good Golf

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jan. 16 2024, Published 3:09 p.m. ET

All good (good) things must come to an end, which is what happened for Grant Horvat after he left the Good Good Golf team. In December 2022, Grant left the Good Good Golf franchise shortly after his former teammate, Micah Morris. At the time, their exits turned heads and kept fans on edge as they wondered why Grant and Micah left the Good Good YouTube squad behind.

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But on Jan. 15, 2024, Grant returned to play a reunion match against Good Good leader Garrett Clark. Not only are they clearly on good terms, but fans loved to see them match up after a year apart, building up their golf skills on their own. Now that we know things are good between Grant and Garrett, we can’t help but wonder why Grant left Good Good in the first place.

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Grant decided to leave Good Good to focus on his own golf career and social media followings.

At the time of Grant and Micah’s exits from Good Good, fans speculated that there were larger reasons for their exit because of their abrupt nature. Neither Grant nor Micah made goodbye videos with Good Good. Instead, they simply stopped making videos with them, and all parties addressed their exits separately. In their respective videos, both Good Good and Grant hinted that they couldn’t reveal all the details as to why he left.

This left fans speculating that there was some more nefarious reason for Grant’s exit, but that was probably not the case. “This decision was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life,” Grant said in his explanation video. “I want to start off by saying I am forever grateful and thankful for the opportunity I was given to work for Good Good and for Garrett, and there will always be a special place in my heart for all the memories and things we were able to accomplish.”

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Off the bat, he doesn’t allude to any bad blood between him and the Good Good guys. “It’s not always what it seems,” Grant said vaguely while referencing how his exit has been drawn out by various people. “It was not influenced by anyone on the outside,” he added, shutting down rumors of potential external deals and relationships. “This was my decision. I took a lot of time to pray about this and it was not a quick decision.”

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While it may have seemed quick to us on the outside, we have no idea what really happened behind closed doors. “I truly gave it my all for all those channels,” Grant said as he listed off Good Good’s various channels. “I will be moving back to Florida, and with that comes the ability to spend more time with my dad, who is older and I will be able to see him and be able to golf with him more.”

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“I am gonna be working very hard on my personal channel, and as you guys know, I love golf, I love teaching, I love helping people, I love sharing my golf experiences with you guys,” he continued. After lots of sleuthing and speculation, it’s clear that Grant left to focus on his personal goals, which meant monetizing his individual channels more and potentially signing deals with his own sponsors while spending time with family.

Perhaps what Grant and Good Good couldn’t speak on was any sort of non-compete that he may have signed while working with them. Typically, influencers are legally limited as to what sorts of deals and sponsorships they can take when working with collectives, and it’s very likely that Grant wanted to increase his options.

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Although Grant cut ties with Good Good, we now know that he and Garrett are still the best of friends. In fact, Grant even commented on their reunion match video, “Good to be back G.” Does this mean we could see more of Grant in Good Good’s future? We’re crossing our fingers!

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