Jake Webber and Tara Yummy's Relationship Isn't Quite Over — It's Just Not Romantic

"If you love something, let it go. I never knew what that meant, but I truly get it now," Jake said.

Alex West - Author

Mar. 8 2024, Published 4:53 p.m. ET

Tara Yummy and Jake Weber attend the MetaLife Launch Influencer Dinner
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YouTubers Jake Webber and Tara Yummy, also known as Tara Thompson, called it quits in September 2023. In true influencer style, the pair made everything super public, but not in the way we typically see.

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Instead of some massive online drama and subtweets, they chose to tackle the issue head on with a video. Turning your heartbreak into content is the true Gen Z fashion.

Why did Jake and Tara break up?

The split wasn't toxic in nature and it appeared to be totally neutral. "Breaking up is sad," Jake explained. "But we had to do it. It was what was best for the both of us and we thought what's a better way to break up than eat pizza."

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Jake Webber and Tara Yummy match in red and black outfits at Coachella
Source: INSTAGRAM/@tarayummy

According to the pair, they were dating for five years before hitting "a wall" as they began to question what came next in their relationship. The former couple felt like they were "dragging something."

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Each of them were very independent with Jake saying he took "pride" in never changing and even fell in love with Tara for her commitment to herself. However, they've still grown as people and wish they would have met later in life because they were both young entering their relationship.

Tara was 18 and Jake was 20. They did make a promise to each other at that time.

"In the beginning," said Jake. "Me and Tara always told each other we're not Jake-and-Tara. We're Jake and Tara. We're always going to be individuals because I think that's important."

Jake went on to explain that, from his experience, a lot of people will change when they're in relationships and that's not what they wanted. "It's special to be your own person," he added.

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They agreed that, at this point, they've never experience their adult lives independently which is something that they want to do. Jake explained that, where they are now, they aren't going to get married because they're missing those key experiences more people have before tying the not. Their relationship sort of plateaued.

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Tara and Jake promised there was "nothing negative" happening between the two of them because most of their issues were relatively standard like lowkey bickering, but never jealousy problems.

"If you love something, let it go. I never knew what that meant, but I truly get it now," Jake said. Tara went on to point out that they were still remaining close after their relationship. For the three weeks between when they broke up and when they shared the news, they were constantly streaming and hanging out together.

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They did ask for fans to avoid making up rumors, speculating too hard, or sending mean messages. While they can't ask for totally privacy since they are influencers, the pair are hoping the world can respect them moving forward with their decision.

Tara explained that a better way to look at the situation is as a "new era" of the pair. "Jake's still number one on my roster if like someone crosses him you cross me," Tara admitted.

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