why did mitch mcconnell cry
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People Have Never Seen Mitch McConnell Cry Before and They're Freaked Out


Dec. 30 2020, Published 7:11 p.m. ET

Being a public figure is tough, especially when you work in politics, as you're a target of constant criticism from large demographics of folks just by virtue of your party affiliation. However, there are some people that manage to get respect from proponents of opposing parties because of their ability to demonstrate humanity in their voting records. But, then there are people like Mitch McConnell who seem to be universally reviled. Which is why it did come as a surprise to many people when he cried.

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So, why did Mitch McConnell cry in public on the Senate floor?

Mitch McConnell has long been a figure of ridicule. While a great deal of comments have been made on his "turtle-like" physical appearance, along with similarities being made to his countenance and that of the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth, the majority of the criticisms aimed at McConnell mainly have to do with his "inhumane" policies and seemingly dogged pursuit to become the most hated American politician of all time.

Many have criticized McConnell's blocking of the vote on the $2,000 COVID-19 stimulus payout that would give each qualifying U.S. adult $2,000 along with $600 for each dependent in their household. There seems to be a large number of both Republicans and Democrats who agree on the $2K payout, and an unlikely political alliance has formed between President Donald Trump and Vermont State Senator Bernie Sanders, urging McConnell to allow the stimulus package to be voted on.

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why did mitch mcconnell cry
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While Mitch McConnell has long run on a platform of fiscal conservatism, many have pointed out that that same economic austerity doesn't necessarily apply to his own bank account, or his campaign funds. McConnell actually receives some of the most donations from S&P 500 CEOs than any other politician alive. He's been a state senator in Kentucky since 1985 and is the current Senate majority leader.

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He's often been accused of being a "corporate shill" who serves U.S. corporations over citizens, but it seems that his decision to block voting on the $2,000 stimulus package has currently made him public enemy number one of the American people.

And it could also be why so many folks were shocked to see a clip of McConnell crying on the Senate floor in early 2020.

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The tears were for fellow GOP Senator Lamar Alexander, who officially retired. McConnell tried his best to hold in his emotions while giving high praise for the former Tennessee senator. "You’re leaving this body, and those of us in it, and the nation it exists to serve, stronger and better because you were here," he said.

You can check out the clip in its entirety below:

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One of the biggest trends on social media now is sending Mitch McConnell $2,000 Venmo requests.

While the video of McConnell crying has gone viral once again, so too has another trend. As a response to McConnell blocking voting on the new COVID-19 stimulus package, tons of people began creating memes lambasting the Kentucky senator for his decision. A new trend also sees people sending him Venmo requests for the $2,000 they would be receiving should the package be approved.

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Many believe it's only a matter of time until the new COVID-19 stimulus is passed. I mean, it united Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, so that has to mean something, right?

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