Wondering Why the Clippers Have the Word "Honey" on Their Jerseys? In Short: $$$

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 25 2021, Published 10:59 a.m. ET

Source: ESPN

It's always kind of strange when you see your favorite sports team in a different jersey. Even if the team's colors are the same, new uniforms take some time to get used to. Imagine the shock Islanders fans must've first felt when they realized their team was going to be playing with the Gordon Fisherman on their chests for the next few seasons.

But some changes are a little more subtle. Recently, fans have been wondering: Why do the Clippers have "honey" on their jerseys?

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Why do the L.A. Clippers have "honey" on their jerseys?

It seems like an out-of-place word ... or maybe just the right one. Is the team as a whole opposing the use of cane sugar for a political statement? Or maybe it's a bold health move to get people to satisfy their sweet tooth naturally?

Maybe it has more to do with their style of gameplay? Are they manifesting what they want to see happen in the games by putting "honey" on their gameday clothing?

why do the clippers have honey on their jerseys
Source: YouTube
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Nope! It's a sponsor, plain and simple. If you're wondering what "honey" is, here you go: It's an internet browser extension/add-on that you can use to automatically find coupon codes and deals whenever you're online shopping. It's a free service that tons of people use, and sometimes it'll help save you a few bucks without making you waste time googling and trying out a bunch of codes to see if they'll work.

The Los Angeles Clippers President of Business Operations Gillian Zucker said, "We are proud to wear the Honey logo on our jerseys as we grow our businesses together. Honey’s story is one of entrepreneurial success that is becoming more commonplace in L.A., and partnering with a homegrown brand that has championship aspirations aligns with what we believe in and work hard for every day."

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It makes sense that the company would sponsor the Clippers. Honey was designed and developed and maintains operations out of Los Angeles. George Ruan, co-founder of the company had this to say of the business partnership: "The L.A. Clippers have aligned with Honey’s core values from the get-go and lead with commitment, passion, and conviction. Our relationship continues to spotlight Honey among engaged sports fans and we are excited to enter a new phase of growth for our brands."

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Tons of people are searching for Suns vs. Clippers streams.

It's kind of nuts to think that we've reached a point in NBA history where the Lakers are out of the playoffs before the Clippers. The team has never won an NBA final in the history of the league, and it looks like Kawhi Leonard is deadset on giving yet another franchise without a ring their time under the sun.

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The Toronto Raptors never had one before "The Claw" aka "Robot" aka "Cyborg" joined their squad and he took them to the promised land. Does he have a shot at doing that again with the Clippers this year?

As of this writing, the Clippers have managed to take down the Suns the series stands at 1-2. Will the Clips mount a comeback? Or will Steve Ballmer be left looking at the NBA trophy with a forlorn gaze as he has all these years?

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