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Kodak Black Just Shared a Photo From Jail After Almost 2 Months Behind Bars



Rapper Kodak Black has had so many run-ins with the law recently that we honestly can’t keep track of all his cases. But a July 7 Instagram post from jail reignited interest in the 22-year-old’s legal troubles — which include multiple arrests this year alone.

In the photo shared to his account, Kodak is seen wearing a prison-issued uniform and flip-flops. Despite his current residence, the "Tunnel Vision" singer sports a big smile on his face. 

Scroll down for a quick overview of the charges brought against Kodak and how many years he’s facing behind bars.

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Why is Kodak locked up in 2019?

The Florida native is currently in jail for allegedly falsifying gun applications on two separate occasions. He was arrested in May at the Rolling Loud music festival.

Apparently, Kodak claimed on the forms that he was not under indictment for a crime that could land him in prison for over a year even though he was and still is in the middle of a sexual assault case in South Carolina. 

When is Kodak’s sentencing?

His Miami-based trial for the federal gun application charges is scheduled to take place in September, according to reports. Kodak’s sexual assault trial was supposed to start in April, but was postponed due to the songwriter’s growing rap sheet. 

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Prosecutors are also linking Kodak to a March shooting in which firearms allegedly purchased by the rapper through those false applications were used. The guns were reportedly fired from a Porsche Panamera that had been rented by the singer.

Needless to say, Kodak’s future looks rather bleak. 

How long is Kodak Black in jail for?

In late May, a judge ruled that Kodak must remain behind bars until his trial starts in September. His request to be let out on bail in order to deal with his sexual assault case in South Carolina was denied. 

Legal docs state that prosecutors believe Kodak is too dangerous to be released, even if he were to be under 24-hour surveillance. 

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However, his attorney, Bradford Cohen, argued, "If they were in such fear for the community as its being alleged, why didn't they pick him up soon after he filled out the [gun] paperwork in January? That's what this charge is about, paperwork, a non-violent crime."

If convicted of falsifying firearm applications, Kodak could spend up to 10 years in prison. For his first-degree sexual assault charge, the "Zeze" hitmaker faces 30 years in prison if found guilty. 

Kodak missed a gig in April after he was arrested at the U.S. border.

Add border agents to the list of people pissed off by Kodak. The musician was supposed to perform at The House of Blues in Boston on April 17 when his team reported that he was missing.

As it turns out, Kodak failed to show up to the concert because he had been arrested for criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana while attempting to cross the Canada-New York border. It’s unclear whether that case is still ongoing, but it adds to Kodak's tally of serious missteps. 

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