Qué Pasa? Why 'Meekah' Only in Spanish on Netflix

"Yes! I thought my toddler had messed with the settings and it's been bugging me all day."

Melissa Willets - Author

Apr. 11 2024, Published 10:09 a.m. ET

Meekah riding on a carousel
Source: Netflix

Qué pasa? Viewers with little kids are wondering why the popular Netflix show Meekah featuring both Kaitlin Becker and Cashae Monya as the titular character, is only available in Spanish.

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Indeed, it's not just your TV or device that plays the videos in Spanish, or in some cases, Portuguese. It turns out tons of people are experiencing the same phenomenon. So what's up? Here's what we know, and if a fix is available.

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So, why is 'Meekah' only in Spanish on Netflix?

Droves of fans have taken to social media to ponder if it's just them or if Meekah is only available to play in a language other than English.

"Anyone else’s Netflix only play the Meekah videos in Spanish? I actually think it’s hilarious and I'm welcoming the break," one Redditor said in a thread from 2023. Yup, the issue has apparently been going on for a while, perhaps even as far back as 2022.

"Yes! I thought my toddler had messed with the settings and it's been bugging me all day," someone replied, confirming that we aren't alone if our videos are playing in Spanish and we can't seem to change the language.

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"I thought I was losing my mind, checking all my settings and couldn't figure it out," someone else admitted, echoing the sentiments of many other viewers who were begging for a fix for the issue, with screaming toddlers in the background.

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While this is quite mysterious indeed, what we do know is that Netflix debuted Meekah in 2022 in English, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking countries according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But there doesn't seem to be a reason that explains why the videos aren't available in English.

And the only theory that has been floated on Reddit is that perhaps Netflix somehow lost the licensing for the English videos.

People have tried everything to fix the problem, from reinstalling Netflix to appealing to the streaming service via Twitter, without help.

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You can still watch 'Meekah' in English on YouTube.

As many parents said online, some kids don't seem to mind that Meekah is playing in Spanish on Netflix. In fact, they may even learn some Spanish words and phrases!

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But if you'd rather watch the show in English, and like everyone else, can't change the language on Netflix, hop on over to YouTube. There is still content on that streamer in English. Remember, YouTube is where Meekah got her start by teaming up with the equally beloved kids' character Blippi.

You can also keep up with Meekah on social media in English. Kaitlin posts TikTok videos parents and kids may enjoy and does so in English.

A final word on the language issue on Netflix: Perhaps now that so many folks are wondering about this, the service will address why it's happening and even share a possible solution or a timeline to share videos in English as well. Fingers crossed on behalf of everyone who's just plain confused about Meekah not being available in English.

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